Friday, October 3, 2008

Euro Trip!

OMg! Who would be kind enough to give me er. 395pounds? Lolx.

There's this trip to Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam in April!
Everything included. Travel insurance, bed & breakfast, entrance to Disneyland Paris and half day guided tour for each city.

I want the Disneyland!!!! Omg omg. *sob* I so want it.

3 nights in Paris! 2 nights in Berlin! 2 nights in Amsterdam!

OMg. *sob*

My housemates are going for it. They has money. I don't! But it's in April. I'm planning to go back in April. So now not sure. Hmmm. But I so wanna go. How how?!?!

I need to confirm it by next week. Have to give in the form. Have to pay 50pounds. OK. I no need to eat for 5 days. Then I can still decide. In Jan I can pull out. See how la.

I wanna go!


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