Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Poke meh!

At last! I found something to do! Every Tuesday only la.

You know the bar I talked about "The Stag's Head" down the road? Ya well. Not to go there every Tuesday to drink. But to play poker! Texas Hold'em. Whahahahaha!
I saw them played. Was interested. So. Ya. Lolx. It was just GBP2 to play! Lolx. Cheap! Hahaha. But I just joined them for fun.

They have this thing where. If you join as a member. And if you play. You collect points. If you're one of the four highest points I don't know. That bar. Or Luton. Not sure. Then you get to play for GBP2000! But of course. I'm not that good. Every round was so damn close. And they admitted they were scared of me! Lolx! I don't know why. Hahahaha.

But it was fun! Yay! I found an entertainment. For every Tuesday! Lolx.

Lolx. And just now the bartender asked Melinda if she was over 18 or not. And they already sold us few drinks before they actually asked us. Gawd. Haha.

The last round for me. Was so close. Didn't know the other guy had straights. Damnit. And I only had two pairs. Shytz. Hehe. But oh well.

FUN! HAhahaha.

Ok. I shall train more! HAhahahahaha!

But wait. Ya. This year my luck not good. Shytz. Nevermind. For fun! Hehe.

Ok. I think I might be a lil high de. Just had one bottle of vodka ne. Aish.

Shall upload the pictures when I get it from my Elaine.

Alright. Night then~

Tomorrow night. Legends! *a club*

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