Thursday, October 2, 2008

One of the day in Luton

This was taken earlier in the afternoon. See this is the freaking town center! SO freaking small right. lolx. This is one end. And can you see the town hall at the end. The tall skinny thing there. ya. ok.

My housemates. From left. Melinda, Mei Ting and Elaine.

This was on a Tuesday evening. I think . Oh wait. I don't remember. But anyway, its bloody empty in the evening. Or this is how its like on a Sunday too.

Went to the bowling alley around 7? Didn't play. Too lazy.

Took for fun. >.<>

I wanted to take picture of something. I dont remember it now. And she suddenly popped out.

She asked me to take. zzzzz"


The town hall.

This is where I ate for like 5-6 days in a row. Imperial Kitchen. By Malaysians!!!
No wonder so nice the food. Lolx.

The menu. There's a chinese menu too. But ya know. I have no freaking idea what it says. I made Melinda translate to me. It's different from the english one. More choices.

Melinda. The butch.

Chinese tea!!! Whahahaha.

She shy shy.

Me not shy shy. Of course.

The hot and sour soup. So the spicy. Their fav.

Singapore Fried Rice with bloody load of chilies

My fried noodle. It was in the chinese menu.

There's nothing to do. So the boring. Sigh. And now my internet is down. Ok. Not mine. But oh well. Just wanted to post ze pictures. >.<>

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