Thursday, October 23, 2008


My eyes are burning. I only fell asleep at 4am. And woke up at 7am. How I did that. I really have no idea. My class was at 9am. I didn't know it 7am. Tried ta go back ta sleep. Then 7.20. Heard Elaine went into the bathroom. I was like. Who the heck la wake up so early. Then I saw the time. Oh. It's 7.20 de. Hehe.

Was thinking. To go or not to go. Then. Ya. Elaine woke me up. Ok. Fine. Go. But the whole way to uni. To go or not to go. Then fine. I just went. And. It wasn't so bad? So ya. Thank God I could answer the questions. And I thought I was dead sleepy. Tired. Panda eyes. Lovely I tell you.

Oh ya. Why slept so late. I went "clubbing". Went back around 2 something. Then chat on the phone. So ya.

Whole day now. I'm wearing my scarf. And I'm not taking it off. Or maybe I will. Or not.

And have ta go Christian Union meeting too later. Can I just. Die?


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