Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Luck ESP!

Guys! You gotta win. You just have to. Please don't make me ashamed of it when I put on the shirt and wear it around uni. Ok. I don't actually. Lolx. But at least if anyone asks.

"oh. They're like the number 1 clan in Malaysia for COD4. And. Soon. The world!!!"

Haha. Ok. The world part. A bit. Too far for you guys la huh. >.< I just realized I've never really taken a group picture with you guys. Just you guys and me. This is the only one I have. Next time la huh? Got some calefeh also. Lolx.

Win it!!!!!! All four teams!!! Wait. Only three can right. Ok. Er. I can't pick. Oh well. If 3 wins, then the other one....I'll buy souvies for you guys then??? Lolx!

Make sure win ah! Ok. By the time you guys actually read this. Er. It'll be over de. Damnit. Lolx.
K. Have to wait till 1030am. Gawd. It's only 920am for you guys. Shit. Sooooo long more!!!!

Better appreciate my call! Lolx. Love you all!!!!!!


p.s. For those who doesn't know what the heck is ESP. It stands for Eat.Sleep.Play.
p.p.s. And also. They are a bunch of idiots/freaks/ghays/guyslooklikegirls/bigboobiesmen/haschuckies/builtinmegaphones/afrohaired/cows&goats/hairyburmesegorillas/pokemons/freeloaders/etc.
p.p.p.s. *is there such a thing as that??*

Oh well. A bunch of guys whom I love a lot!!!


another p.s. I miss you guys!

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