Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I just realised something. Or maybe realized it a long time ago. I mean. Ya. Ever since I boarded the plane to bloody uk. I've not swear as much as I used to!!! *sob*

It's so damn weird. It's like. I'm about to burst now. Cause I've not been swearing for the past. Er. Month!!!!! ONE MONTH!!!!! ONe bloody month!! That's like so damn long!!!!

Phyo. Can you call me. Or something. So I can swear to my heart's content. Or something.

I feel like about to burst with swears anytime.

It just doesn't feel right to swear in front of my housemates. I don't know why. It just is. You know. So ya. I can't swear much. mch. ARgh!!!!!

Whoever from ESP. Who read this de. Can ask Phyo to call me. Can ah? Since his line now is postpaid right? Lolx. So he should call me!! >.<


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