Friday, October 10, 2008

Kimmy. Mwahahaha

Omg. The blog has been revived? Really? I hope so? But Mei. Can you freaking put a freaking chat box there. Or i'm gonna post everyday for one. since you're the one who knows the username and password all. idiot. and. Nvm. I'll kill you later. >,< Happy? My post here got your name. 0.O

Today so the hot. I actually sweat. And then of all times. I must. ARGH! Nevermind. I shall not write it out here. Since there's some ya. So. Ya. Whahaha. I'm gonna try to upload a pic. Of my dear lil sister of mine. Since she doesn't read blogs nemore. So. I think I has nothing to worry abtz. I thinkz? Lolx.


Ta da~

Oh ya. She's wearing my baby jacket.

If only I knew where the pictures of her with the really ugly make up. I think it might still be in the camera. I shall try to put that up too. I don't know if it's in my blog somewhere. Oh well. I shall do it one day. Bloody skinny. Still can fit in my baby's jacket.

I should have gotten more stupid pictures of her. And my other stupid sis. Oh ya. Its in Amelyn's phone. Oh oh!!!!! I have one picture of me and Amelyn. Er. Half naked? Hahaha. But she won't let me post it! *sob* Ok. It's not half naked la. But it was just that.....nevermind... >.<

I bet some of you saw before. A long time ago. Lolx. Hahahahhaha. I shall look for it and try to post it for a day. So if you get to see it. So ya. >.<

Waiting for my housemates ta call me go makan. They went to walk with my other housemate back. Meeting them at Imperial Kitchen. >.<

Oh. It's approximately 20 minutes to walk to uni. I feel super tired everyday. Wah. *sob*

I think I need ta go rest a bit. My tummy is killing me. *sob*

See ya~

*look out for the picture! nothing special tho. I just find it funny! >.<

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