Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Random Shit

I ish sleepy. I need ta wake up at like er...9 i think. This morning also wake up so the early.

Anyway. I don't know what's wrong with me chatbox. So I shall just reply you guys here.

Drew. Yes thank you very the muchie~ And that what makes me so awesome!

*oh gawd mildred. the awesomeness is getting ta me*

Est. I know! It's cause I've got nothing else better ta do. So I just whine in here. Seriously guys. Can you freaking blog! So that I won't be so damn bored here! At least you know. I won't have to blog so much. You won't get bored with me then. I mean. I bore you. Right. I mean. It's always rubbish right my blog? I mean. -.- Forget it.

Simone. Haha. I got the inspiration from your blog! Lolx. I just thought it was pweety~ I shall change it next time. Too lazy now.

Yes. Just change the header. Nothing special. Trying to do something else as well. "trying" Cause like I keep saying. I GOT NOTHING ELSE BETTER TA DO THAN STUDY!!! Which I don't too. I mean. I do study ok. <----- just to assure my mum ya know. I mean. She reads my blog as well. Nuuuuuu~

Oh ya. And my mummy has facebook as well. And all of my aunties. Oh. And all of my aunties read my blog too. Shytz. My blog tooooo public de!!!! >.<

Oh well. Who cares. Not like I care right. Gyahahahahaha.

I really need to find something to fill in my time.



Or not.

Or maybe. Yes! I shall go jogging in ze morningz!

Or not. I mean. I'm lazy right. Ya.

Ok. I shall...er...ya. Just study. *sob*

Sleepy time~

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