Saturday, October 25, 2008

300th Post

I'm in London de! Ya ok. Don't ask why I'm online. Cause we're waiting for pizza to get here. So I might as well just blog what happened.

Well. Practically dragged my bag all the way to the train station. Wanted to collapse de. Got to the platform and waited for the train. Got into the train and fell asleep. Woke up just on time. Lolx. Got out of the train and went ta look for Michelle. *sob* Freaking loads of people man!!!!

After we found each other. Took damn long to look for each other. Cause it was so big! So ya. Found each other. The second train we took. Omg. We were like freaking sardines in a can. My bag got stuck between the doors. TWICE! Lolx. There were too many people!!!! I hate it. Lolx.

So first impression for me. I no likey. SOOOO CROWDED.

Alright. Wish me luck with two eighteen year olds. They are so hyperactive. Lolx. I feel so old. Hahahaha. -.-

Stupid pizza. Faster come la!!!!!!! *sob*

oh oh. This is my 300th post in like er. 2-3 years of blogging. Is it a lot of lil. I don't know. Lolx.

K. k. PIZZA'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes la! FOOOOOOOOOOOD!


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