Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Oh whoopeedoo~

I actually went for poker. And ya. My lecturer was there. Lolx. He actually said "Hi Chern!" to melinda. Lolx. SO ya. He was as usual. Super nice to me. And then. I can feel it. On Thursday. He's gonna tease me. I think I can just die. Lolx. Oh. And I lost. Again. But at least I was the last 3. >.<

Oh ya. Melinda is going by the name of Chern. Her chinese name. People thinks she's a guy. *no surprise there*.
Today. She actually had to pose as Mei Ting's bf. Again. Cause this Germany guy in her group asked her out for dinner and drinks. So she was like. Ok. I'll bring my bf along. And then Melinda was dragged to go. End up. Hahaha. The guy brought two friends of his too. Two girls. And Melinda was chatting away with the girls. Left her "gf" alone with the guy. Whahahahahahahhaha.


Mei Ting was like. What kind of "bf" leave the "gf" to talk to the other girls. Hahaha.

They went for drinks at The Park. They ordered drinks. Then a guy..wanted to pay for it. Then the guy was like. No no. I'll pay. And there was like this "arguement" with the paying. Then he took out his platinum. Melinda just stand there. Stunned. Ok. Ok. You pay. Lolx!

*sigh* Lucky me. Tomorrow no class. Can sleep late!! But have to finish my work too. *sob* Oh well.

Yay! Friday. London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait! Have to eat indomee everyday. So got money to spend spend in London! Yes la. Can't wait. Shopping!


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