Wednesday, October 15, 2008


There~ These are the pictures from last night. And some other pictures. Don't know why the line so good today. So might as well take this opportunity!

The Stags Head pub. Old people. Lolx.

They put there. Pool. But I don't see any pool also. Hmmm..where they hiding it eh.

Me fav drink! It's like drinking lemon juice only.

Julia. You wants?? Hehe.

Oh. This is where I was filling up the form for being a member for the poker thingy.

Lolx. My friend did that. Hehe.

See told you. All old old wan. The old guy next ta me. He was really nice to me. And they had a side bet thing. Each person put in another GBP2. If you win this round you get that pot as well. Lolx. I didn't put in cause don't have that much confidence. SO ya. Then the old guy was telling the guy on my left to sponsor me. And if I win. I give him half. He was like thinking. Not a bad idea. But didnt put. Haha. Then I was actually the chip leader for few rounds. Then the old guy was like. "Regretting now eh?" Lolx. Cause the guy on my left had 3 chips left. Lolx.

After the pub. Ya. Melinda doing her...thing? Hahaha. She really look like guy lo.

Oh. This was cause of me. Lolx. It just happened. I wanted to pull the curtains. Cause the room like so dark. Then I er...didnt know my own strength? Hahaha. So ya. Lolx

Me trying to put it back up. again. >.<

See. I so chun leh. One leg on sofa. Other leg on er. I dont remember where my other leg went to. Lolx.

This was the beagle I was talking about. The next door one. Her name is Zaphir. We found out yesterday when it went for a walk with it's owner. And she was happy to see us. Wait. I forgot if it was female or male. Well. Anyway. Ya.

She actually dug a small hole to squeeze through. Lolx. It wants to come and play with us.

Lolx. Trying to squeeze. Bloody cute lo.

Well. I guess it gave up. Lolx. The fur damn soft!!

Oh well. Thats all. Got more pictures. But too lazy de. Gonna go out later to watch Step Up 2 at the tree house. The Tree House is at uni there. So ya. Ladida~

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