Monday, October 20, 2008



I'm almost done with my work. ALMOST!

And I realized something. When my line is like super good. No one is online!!! *sob*

And when there's like loads of people I wanna talk to.

The line tries to test my patience.

You know. I can sit here. PATIENTLY.

Clicks "connect to a network". Window comes out. Clicks on refresh. Scrolls down. Oh there it is. Clicks on *the line I has been using. Lets name it. Yee Hui. YH. OK*. Click on "YH". "This network is an unsecured network". Clicks on "Connect anyway". *Waits patiently like a lil girl*. "Unable to connect to unsecured network" *something like that*. mcb. Bloody YH. What the heck is wrong with you!! Don't let me go online is it!!!!!!

Does it all over again. and again. and again. and again.

For 3 freaking hours. I went through that! You know how many "clicks" I had to do. Just to get online. And talk to you guys. So love me when I talk to you! Lolx. You know how much patience and bloody effort. Just to come online. And talk. You know I'm so not patient! Seriously. Oh. Ya. And also cause I'm bored. So. Ya. >.<

Tomorrow. Early class. Ethics and Journalism. Haven't been to that class yet. Hopefully it's not like that film crap. *sob*

Off ta bed for me~

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