Sunday, October 5, 2008


Waiting for Melinda to get back. She just got back from London. Mei Ting went out to meet her and to help her carry her luggage and stuff. Wanted to go to. But it was too freaking cold but Mei Ting said don't have to come yet. They coming back de. So fine. I don't mind. >.< Bloody cold!

So now. I'm sitting here. Waiting for my video's to load. Also damn slow. Cause well. This isn't my line. Lolx. Been watching gossip girl.

Oh. That day, er, Friday. There was this thing going on outside of my Uni. The business block. All the clubs were there. They had their own booth of their own. Ya. Time ta sign up for clubs. Ok.

I think. I really don't remember how many. But I think these are the clubs I signed up for.

~The British Red Cross
~Christian Union

Ya. I'm joining the cheerleading club. >.< Damn a lot of people were signing up for it. There was the gaming society as well. Was tempted to. But got lazy. There were tooo many people. Seriously. Got pushed here and there. so ya.

I think there was more. But. I don't remember. Some we just signed up cause of the freebies! Lolx. So ya.

Oh great they're back. And yay!!!! Got dumplings!!!! Melinda's aunt made some!! *sob*


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