Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009~

ok. I did say that I was gonna post pictures~ So damn lazy and totally forgotten about it. Well here it goes. And yes wei hua. Lotsa food posts. You can see the after effects of all the food. Tada! I has become fat!!! Sob*

Yes. Notice the tummy and the cheeks. Zomg!

The Lims!

Aunty Ann trying to steal the presents!

Our Family picture. Kendrick is replacing Aaron in our family.

Look at the cutie!

Love this picture! He and Chelsie looking at the same side at the same time.

My grandmother with her pressies!

My daddy and his presents!

Becky and Kendrick.
Notice how big his present's are.












Sarah! oh oh!
The big white "sweet" present.
It's from meee!
Hahahha. I wrapped it with mahjong paper.
Save money! Lolx!


My maid has presents too!

Even Chelsie!!!

See how big his present was!!!

He too hot de. Had to take out the shirt and wore just the vest.
More cooling. Lolx!

Our opening presents time!

My present from me Baby!

Yes. My Coach bag!!!!
Now I just need to get the wallet too. Lolx.
Thank you bie!!!!

Loved Christmas that year. Since I missed the last christmas here. But oh well. Anyway. That's the post! Realized we didn't take any pictures with our presents unwrapped. Sigh~ Oh well. Ta~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas~


I know it's a lil early. But who cares!!! It's Christmas Eve! And tomorrow. PRESSSIEEESSSS!!!!!
Will definitely put pictures up. If I can. Lolx. Gonna have a yummy dinner tonight. I SO CAN'T WAIT MAN!!! Rawr!

Food. That's all I can think about now. Gyahahahhaha. Ok. I feel like having nasi lemak now! Ooh. Shall have one or two packet? Hmmm.

Have a very merry christmas all!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Soooo hungry. I wantz to go eat. But noooooooooooooooooooo. My stupid boyfriend playing RO. And my stupid space bar sucks!!!! Oh I'm in proex. The other cybercafe.

SOOOOO HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I want to eat fried chicken. Or hokkien mee. OOOOhhh. I'm salivating thinking of that. Argh! or nasi lemak! But the stupid nasi lemak always habis chicken damn fast. Babi. I went there don't know how many times de. ALways finish de the chicken. Argh.

My stupid boyfriend having fun with RO while I'm playing Country Story on facebook. He ask me to play also. But it's a private server. Not only that. it's super laggy. By the time you go back to town. You die in town. So I won't know if I'm gonna die yet or not. So don't really feel like playing it here now.

I reeeeaaally want to go clubbing. It's been awhile. And I've been wanting to ever since I finish work. Even when I was working I've been wanting to go. Then me bf say go only when we finish work cause too tiring de. So fine. Now no more work de. I WANT TO GO! Hehe. I want to go and dance. Not drink. But dance!!!!

I think I'm going tomorrow for Chingy's birthday. Stan's friend. And ya. Wait. I don't know if we are clubbing or not. Hmmm. I have no idea. Lolx.

I want to go eaaaat!!! Eeeeee! I shall see if anyone wants to follow me makan or make my bf go. See ya!

Monday, December 14, 2009


So now my samsung phone is with Raymond. And I hope he will ask for me how much to fix and stuff. Hopefully it's not expensive. Then I can take pictures properly! I can't upload any pictures now too. Since the phone is with Raymond and the memory card is with him too. So no pictures! Sob*

I want to borrow Amelyn's camera since she is not using hers. But the thing is she doesn't even know where she put hers. Dumb ass. Like where my psp is. I don't know too. hahahahha!

I'm trying to teach Kendrick how to dance properly. Hahahahahahaha! But the fella don't listen wan! He will entertain you for awhile. And then he go run somewhere else de. Ish.

Stan is teaching Josiah how to make egg sandwich. Hahaha. I think they were smashing the egg with the mayonnaise. Ya. And now Kendrick is with me. Sitting in his funny car/bicycle thingy. ANd mummy is writing a Christmas card to someone. ANd you know those card got that stupid song in it when you open the card. So now it keeps playing and playing. So damn annoying. I know Christmas is coming. But that song is so shrilly. Hahhaa.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! I can't wait to open me presents!!! Especially the present from me Bf. Hopefully he gives me something that I've been wanting!!! Haha. K. See ya~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I wantz Korean BBQz!!!

I'm craving for Korean BBQ! Even though we just had it on Sunday. We went all the way to KL. JW Marriott Hotel for korean bbq. Not my idea. It was Stan's. But it was still awesome! The bill was awesome too. Lolx. Going for Korean Bbq again later! I don't know why I'm having this craving. And my mum cooked. But aih. And I want to take pictures. But I don't have a cam and my Samsung phone, the screen is like totally cracked man. Damnit.

Lend my phone to my sis and she go and destroy it. At least if I had my phone then I can still take pictures with it ya know. Nvm. I;m going to go fix it and she's gonna pay for it. But Stan said to fix it is gonna cost about 500 bucks. I might as well ask her gimme the money and then I go buy a new camera. And I'll fix the phone later on. And how is Kelly gonna get all that money. From my dad of cause! Hahahaha. Nice plan. But I need to go and see how much does it really cost to fix it.

I'M SO DAMN LAZY TO DO MY CV!!!!!!! Lalalalala~


Will put up pictures if my camera is still working fine and if I transfer it here. Yup. Uh huh. Alright~ See ya~


I want a camera!!!!! Or maybe a better phone camera or something. My blackberry sucks! If you've seen my moblie uploads. They are rubbish. But oh well. I want an iPhone still! Lolx. I gave my Samsung phone with the really nice camera to my sister Kelly. And she actually don't use it. Babi. I'm gonna get it back and use it as a camera for the time being. So I can blog with pictures! Then I can blog more too! Hehe.

SO I NEED A CAMERA!!!! But first. I need to find a job so I can get my camera. But I so lazy! Sob*

I just need a camera. So I can take pictures pictures and so I can blog blog de! Yay! Cause I do loads of stuff but I don't remember. So ya. Oh well.