Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Soooo hungry. I wantz to go eat. But noooooooooooooooooooo. My stupid boyfriend playing RO. And my stupid space bar sucks!!!! Oh I'm in proex. The other cybercafe.

SOOOOO HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I want to eat fried chicken. Or hokkien mee. OOOOhhh. I'm salivating thinking of that. Argh! or nasi lemak! But the stupid nasi lemak always habis chicken damn fast. Babi. I went there don't know how many times de. ALways finish de the chicken. Argh.

My stupid boyfriend having fun with RO while I'm playing Country Story on facebook. He ask me to play also. But it's a private server. Not only that. it's super laggy. By the time you go back to town. You die in town. So I won't know if I'm gonna die yet or not. So don't really feel like playing it here now.

I reeeeaaally want to go clubbing. It's been awhile. And I've been wanting to ever since I finish work. Even when I was working I've been wanting to go. Then me bf say go only when we finish work cause too tiring de. So fine. Now no more work de. I WANT TO GO! Hehe. I want to go and dance. Not drink. But dance!!!!

I think I'm going tomorrow for Chingy's birthday. Stan's friend. And ya. Wait. I don't know if we are clubbing or not. Hmmm. I have no idea. Lolx.

I want to go eaaaat!!! Eeeeee! I shall see if anyone wants to follow me makan or make my bf go. See ya!

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