Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blue Print~

Yee Hui asked where Yeen and I sat in the office. And so, Yeen decided to do a Blue Print of our office. In a way. We are sitting opposite each other in a way, just that the freaking wall is blocking. Hahahaha.

I was supposed to go out today to meet the HSBC peeps and also the Jusco peeps. But in the end. I didn't have to. Yippee! I like to stay in the office.

Last time in MPH, I ALWAYS want to get out of the office. Now its like, I DON'T want to go out. I mean I don't feel like it anymore. I rather stay in. Lolx. Oh well.

My table is such a mess. And ya. I need to get to back to work. TTYL~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Job!

Hey all! Guess what? I has a new job! I'm working with Yeen actually. Gyahahahaha. I mean, in the same company la. It's an advertising agency. And I'm an Accounts Exec. Basically handling clients and things like that. Not doing accounting shit all la.

For now I'm loving work because for one. I don't have to wake up sooooo early like last time. But sometimes I need to stay back till late. The latest I stayed was till 8pm. But I don't mind cause its super jam around that time anyway.

Working in Kelana Jaya by the way. So yes. The LDP. Is horrendous after work hours.

The best part of working here is having Yeen here. haha. At least a friend!

So far so good. I mean. Nothing to complain about. YET. Haha.

Ok. Back to work~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Small Update

Hey all. Sorry I abandoned me blog for quite some time. I don't know when was the last time I actually posted anything. I was supposed to post about my trip to Pangkor which was like a month ago. Tee-hee. I is sorrreyh~

Well. What's up with me. Ok.

Yes! I feel so relieved like a huge chunk of weight was lifted off of me. Seriously. I don't know. I want a stress free job. In a way. I mean. I don't mind stress. Just that. I don't want to think about work after 5pm. I want to relax when I'm not working. Like on weekends and stuff. But I kept worrying about shitz.

Seriously. It made me look like shit too. Rawr~

So anyway. I shall relax now. Phyo offered me a job. Which I think I might take it. I just want an easy job first while job hunting. At least I has moneyh~

So yea. I am looking for a job. And I'm back to the usual routine of sleeping late and waking up late. Which is totally awesome. Which I love to do. Hahaha. Plus. I'm sorta living with Stan. And so. It's peaceful. No doors slamming. No sudden loud noises. And stuff like that. I can even sleep without the air cond on. Stan left for work around 8am. And he actually switched off the air cond. I woke up at 3 something. And I was still under the blankies. Lolx. I didn't know that the air cond wasn't on. Lolx.

I love my room there. Weeeeeeee~

I just dyed my hair~ I want it to be brighter though. Hehe. But now it seems ok la. Not too lala. I shall upload another picture of me with me hair~ K? K?

So anyway. I MISS YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT IN MALAYSIA! I don't have to name anyone. You know who you are. ><

Love ya'll.