Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blue Print~

Yee Hui asked where Yeen and I sat in the office. And so, Yeen decided to do a Blue Print of our office. In a way. We are sitting opposite each other in a way, just that the freaking wall is blocking. Hahahaha.

I was supposed to go out today to meet the HSBC peeps and also the Jusco peeps. But in the end. I didn't have to. Yippee! I like to stay in the office.

Last time in MPH, I ALWAYS want to get out of the office. Now its like, I DON'T want to go out. I mean I don't feel like it anymore. I rather stay in. Lolx. Oh well.

My table is such a mess. And ya. I need to get to back to work. TTYL~

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