Saturday, November 6, 2010

Small Update

Hey all. Sorry I abandoned me blog for quite some time. I don't know when was the last time I actually posted anything. I was supposed to post about my trip to Pangkor which was like a month ago. Tee-hee. I is sorrreyh~

Well. What's up with me. Ok.

Yes! I feel so relieved like a huge chunk of weight was lifted off of me. Seriously. I don't know. I want a stress free job. In a way. I mean. I don't mind stress. Just that. I don't want to think about work after 5pm. I want to relax when I'm not working. Like on weekends and stuff. But I kept worrying about shitz.

Seriously. It made me look like shit too. Rawr~

So anyway. I shall relax now. Phyo offered me a job. Which I think I might take it. I just want an easy job first while job hunting. At least I has moneyh~

So yea. I am looking for a job. And I'm back to the usual routine of sleeping late and waking up late. Which is totally awesome. Which I love to do. Hahaha. Plus. I'm sorta living with Stan. And so. It's peaceful. No doors slamming. No sudden loud noises. And stuff like that. I can even sleep without the air cond on. Stan left for work around 8am. And he actually switched off the air cond. I woke up at 3 something. And I was still under the blankies. Lolx. I didn't know that the air cond wasn't on. Lolx.

I love my room there. Weeeeeeee~

I just dyed my hair~ I want it to be brighter though. Hehe. But now it seems ok la. Not too lala. I shall upload another picture of me with me hair~ K? K?

So anyway. I MISS YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT IN MALAYSIA! I don't have to name anyone. You know who you are. ><

Love ya'll.


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