Monday, November 27, 2006

Damn GG

Lolx. 3 days in a row. alcohol. die. thursday. aaron's surprised bday thingy at bangsar. then later to laundry. had fun with stupid chee yaw's hamsap jokes and stuff. haha. love u pussy boy! haha. next day was tetet's bday. at his house. bbq. bought pressie for him and also brought shisha for him! lolx. had loads of fun with all the dare's!!! haha. nice one hor mei! lolx. drank and puke. argh. saturday. went maison's. omg! that one was so the dieded. puked the whole way. argh again. can't drink for nuts man! suck lo. haha.

well. it was all filled with confusion and stuff. all so the messy that i cant pick it up and clear it away. but now. i guess it's a lil cleared up now. hopefully. hehe.

yay! yee hui bought one carton for me at langkawi! whaha. gonna go get it from her tomorrow i guess? hehe. going for pilates tomorrow too after class. damn like it. seriously can work out man. hehe. oh well. ya.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Watched Happy Feet!!! They are shhhhhhhhooooooo cutie!!!!! Feel like huggin em!! So the blardy fucking cute. Haha. Feel like adopting one. Lolx.

Ish Ish!

Feel like curling up into a ball. Hug a lil penguin. And cry. Haha! Pissy. Hehe. Ya. I'm wierd.

Monday, November 20, 2006


It's the wallpaper of the lappie I'm using! Nice ya? Haha. Miss you all damn a lot!!!!!!!


Liz..can you don't be so the freaky! Even though i need you badly here! lolx. I mean. Mei is good enough. Haha. Love you Mei! OOh. We went eat steamboat. Just me and Mei. Ate like damn a lot. Was so fucking full! But the food was so the delicious. Guess how much was the freaking bill! 50 over bucks wei! That stupid fishball thing was like 15 bucks. Waah! But the food was great so. no complaints.

Everything. Complicated. Haha. Don't know what I want. Don't know what to do. Kimmy. I think I should have the nick lost. Even though yours is half alive. No. I'm not lost. Just confused. Need to go to church more often. Need to read more books. Not those stupid self help books of cus. Lala!

Pissy. Confused. Lost. Pissy. Stomach ache. Tired. Pissy. Bah!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Been really busy lately. Stupid assignments! Why must they give us assignments? ISH!!! Lolx.
*Sigh* Feel so... *Sigh*

Haha..just got back from kamal. did my assignment there. at last i finished half of it. chris helped me a lil. really dislike some people. fuckla. raymond i miss you la! so long never see you de! aish! wen..can't wait till you get back. cause wanna karaoke. hehe. k? k? can't wait for jac's birthday. but stupid liz wont be able to make it cause as usual. come back so the late! mean pig! wanna club. just wanna dance.

Everytime i get to work. before going up. even though if i'm late. but not when i'm like half an hour late. i would sit at this place. near the park. and then will smoke and look out into the so called scenery. hehe. i mean. there's trees at least. haha. well. my point is. that's de only time i really sit down and think. just that few minutes. lolx. ya. i'm wierd. well. i really look forward to those times. to sit and think and smoke. haha. ya. i know. damn dumb right. it's quiet. so. nice to think. but then this new restaurant is like opening. so. hopefully won't so the noisy. ya.

Been going out with yee hui! haha. she like damn the tall de lo. stupid yh!! lolx..aish aish.
k. need to go to sleep. need ta wake up early to do my dumb assignment. hate them!

Monday, November 6, 2006

It already happen...

Thought it will take a few days, didn't know this fast..


Sunday, November 5, 2006


People waiting for something to happen...

The next few days, It will happen..