Monday, November 20, 2006


Liz..can you don't be so the freaky! Even though i need you badly here! lolx. I mean. Mei is good enough. Haha. Love you Mei! OOh. We went eat steamboat. Just me and Mei. Ate like damn a lot. Was so fucking full! But the food was so the delicious. Guess how much was the freaking bill! 50 over bucks wei! That stupid fishball thing was like 15 bucks. Waah! But the food was great so. no complaints.

Everything. Complicated. Haha. Don't know what I want. Don't know what to do. Kimmy. I think I should have the nick lost. Even though yours is half alive. No. I'm not lost. Just confused. Need to go to church more often. Need to read more books. Not those stupid self help books of cus. Lala!

Pissy. Confused. Lost. Pissy. Stomach ache. Tired. Pissy. Bah!

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