Friday, November 17, 2006


Been really busy lately. Stupid assignments! Why must they give us assignments? ISH!!! Lolx.
*Sigh* Feel so... *Sigh*

Haha..just got back from kamal. did my assignment there. at last i finished half of it. chris helped me a lil. really dislike some people. fuckla. raymond i miss you la! so long never see you de! aish! wen..can't wait till you get back. cause wanna karaoke. hehe. k? k? can't wait for jac's birthday. but stupid liz wont be able to make it cause as usual. come back so the late! mean pig! wanna club. just wanna dance.

Everytime i get to work. before going up. even though if i'm late. but not when i'm like half an hour late. i would sit at this place. near the park. and then will smoke and look out into the so called scenery. hehe. i mean. there's trees at least. haha. well. my point is. that's de only time i really sit down and think. just that few minutes. lolx. ya. i'm wierd. well. i really look forward to those times. to sit and think and smoke. haha. ya. i know. damn dumb right. it's quiet. so. nice to think. but then this new restaurant is like opening. so. hopefully won't so the noisy. ya.

Been going out with yee hui! haha. she like damn the tall de lo. stupid yh!! lolx..aish aish.
k. need to go to sleep. need ta wake up early to do my dumb assignment. hate them!

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