Saturday, January 31, 2009


Look look! It's me eating ze cake! I'm still waiting for the other pictures too.

It looks real eh. I mean. If only I can actually. Aish!!

Went for dinner. Cause Elaine sorta like on holiday de!! Babiness. Cause she just hand in her assignment de. Plus like our next semester only start on the 9th of feb. I have to hand in my assignment on the 6th. Then I only have like 2 free days. Which is also memang a weekend. What the heck! Idiot.

So. She's free and stuff. She wanna celebrate. While I'm still suffering. -.-
Tried out this restaurant. Called Raj I think. Ah yes.

RAJ Fine Indian Cuisine.

So anyway. Ya. Picchy!

We were taking pictures of each other. Her new Tocco phone.

I really need to get nail polish remover. But I ish sho lazy. Aish.
See. I look so um. Ya. Ok. I Just look like that ok.

This tray thingies keeps the food hot? But I don't see any difference.
I mean. Oh well. Anyway. When it was brought over. The waiter said it was hot.
And we should not touch it. I mean. Ya.
But you know. When someone says that.
You just feel like touching it ya know.
But then we didn't.
But I wanted to.
To see if it was really hot.
>.< This was urm. Vindaloo Mixed Vegetables.
Ok. I should have my flash switched on.
But it was yummy!
It was supposed to be like super hot or something.
I mean spicy.
But it was.
Not so.
Since I could still eat it.

This was the one I ordered.
Elaine ordered the other dish.
It's Korma Chicken.
This was super awesome.
Um. Elaine actually drank the whole sauce.
I wanted to take a picture of the really empty bowl.
But the waiter took it away de.
But anyway.
It was awesome!
>.< This was Badjhi Aubergines.
The aubergines wasn't like um.
I don't how to say it.
But anyway.
It was still delicious!

Then! We had dessert.
Ya I know. One each.
Like wtf.
But oh well.
We won't be tipping anyway.
I mean.
You think I got freaking loads of moneyh ah!

This came with the bill.
I didn't eat the other stuff.
There were After Eight chocs or something.
I obviously ate those.
I mean.
They only gave a piece of not sweet orange each.
So wth.

And you know how much was our food????
But I was full.
And satisfied.
>.< And they gave nice hot towels.
Sho nice and warm.

Elaine asked me to pose like damn "hao".
Like those old Chinese movie thingy.
Where they hide their mouth when they laugh or whatever.
Ok. I don't think they laugh.
More like giggle or something.
Oh whatever.
Anyway. I didn't want to.
Cause I know I is not "hao".
Aih. Today so cold. Have no idea why sho cold. And it seems the weather report says that it'll snow on Monday. But why! Why?!
Luckily I got my nice warm blankie. But still. Aih.

Stress!!!! Not cause it might snow. STUPID DAMN ASSIGNMENTS.
In need of lollipops.


P.S. There's a post below "Diededness". Cause I was blogging. Then the stupid blogger don't want to let me load pictures. But since I can load it now. I just edited the post. And so it's below the post "Diededness"


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Exam was a killer.
Went in.
Found my seat.
I was number 53.
Put my stuff in a corner.
Sat at my desk.
Wrote name.
Open question paper.

*frozen stiff* *mind blank*

Merry-go-round & cotton candy!
With big lollies and cute plushies!
Ferris Wheels & Fireworks!!


More like.

Complete...Ok. I shall not go with darkness. Too yami.
I shall go with.

Complete whiteness?

I just went blank ok.
Did my best.
Got out.
Eyes red.
Hands stiff.
Back aching.

Me raining.


I really did my best. Can't do anything about it now.
I think I'm gonna fail.

Someone kill me now.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank you Esther!

I received a pressie from Esther. Erm. Yesterday, when the mailman came. Lolx. Thanks for the hairband. When my friend went to get the mail. She was like laughing. Nah! Amanda. Can see it's a hairband.

I love it!

Its nice plain black with a cute ribbon on it.
So me~
Not the cute ribbon part.
The um. Plain black part.

And you know what I realized. Ok. Maybe not now. But since long ago. But this time it's really really obvious.

I have too many black clothes. When I did my laundry that day. I threw the clothes on my bed. All I saw was a pile of black clothes. And undies toooo. I need more colour in me life! Er. Actually. I'll just stick to plain black.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday to you & me

It was Esther's celebration at Vintry. Where I used to work. Oh wait. They had it in Ribs. Where I used to work too. But anyway. They finally had wifi there. And Steph brought her Mac out with her. So we tried to Skype. And look what my oh-so-lovely-friends whom I love oh-so-much. Lolx.

The had a birthday cake. Ok. Maybe a small slice of cake with a candle on top and they sang to me! Lolx!

I think this was the part I was trying to blow the candle!
And they made me act as if I'm eating a bite of the cake!
Rubbish people.

And this was the champagne or sparkling whatsoever which I kinda spend them.
And they made a toast to me too.
Still. Rubbish people. Lolx.

And here is the group picture which they made me take. Lolx.
So blur la!

I had fun. And I received some good news too! But of course I won't say it. It might be a surprise. Or it might be not. I'm not too sure yet. It will be too hectic for me if I do receive it. But I guess that's the price you pay if you really want it. Sigh.


Oh yes. Here's a post too for Esther.

I've known Esther for about um. Lets see. Ever since Standard 6. Which was when we were 12. And we just turned 22. So that makes like freaking 10 years! Weeeee~ Sho long. I remember you sat like 2 rows in front of me. And we always try to sit together or something. Or you try to come and sit in front of me. It was me, you, rowena and juliana. And I can't believe how childish we were. When we get into fights and stuff. I think I still have it in my diary lo! But my diaries are all at home. So I don't remember. But I think I wrote down before of us fighting with rowena and juliana. Lolx.

Oh Oh. And we always call each other after school. Haha. Its like if we need to go toilet half way through. I think we just put down and go together and come back ta talk some more. I still have no idea what we talked about. Haha. But I do remember you talking about Kennard. And me sometimes about Stanley last time. Funny crap.

And then on to Form 1. You were in Daisy class. And I in Dahlia class. And we fought or something but we made up after that. We were always in different classes and always wanted to sit together. And when we finally got to that was in form 4. You still had to sit in front of me.
Hey. I never realised that till now. Hahahaha.

Same school. Same college. Aih. Lolx. 10 years of friendship wei. So the long. Well. There will be more. Right now. I'm waiting for your wedding. Hahaha!

Oh well. Here are some pictures!

Was taking ages to look for pictures with you and me. I like this one!

Remember we went to the Apartment or something in Curve. And we were looking at the spoons

You were the one you was playing with it first and then you "taught" me how to do it.

And we couldn't stop looking at ourselves. Lolx. Vain sial~

Here are the one of the many pictures we take in Bukit Kiara

It was supposed to be our weekly thing to swim.

Oh Oh. I found this. I forgot who took the pics for us.

Was it Wai Hong? Don't remember. I know there was more. Lolx.

I just find this funny. Up close with your braces too. Lolx. Oh ya. With liz.

Hmm. I think this was at um. Crap. Whats that place called at TTDI Plaza.
Can someone remind me. Lolx. I dont remember de.
Oh ya! Ecky!! Lolx

I have no idea why the heck my face was like that.
I think we were supposed to stick out our tongues or something.

Mei. You a bit late la. Lolx

Aih. So Yeng la we. After college hor?

And I love this picture. Our birthdays of cuz. Is just 3 days away from each other.
I'm just 3 days older than you. So ya.

And we were born in the same hospital. Our cot might have been next to each other for awhile or something. Or I was going out of the hospital and you coming in. Lolx. Damn rubbish la.

Haha. Oh well.

Happy Birthday Esther!

you Loads

And oh.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

you Loads

Had the webcam on and sang to my grandmother with my family as well.
If you look closely. You can see my grandmother sitting down. Lolx.
And the cake was from Vintry as well!!!!
Oh well.

Happy Happy Birthday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


These are the birthday pressies I received from me house mates and from Ric too. A temporary gift from Ric. Lolx!

Small handbag from Melinda

Body Shop Lipgloss from Mei Ting and Tian Hao

A heart pendant necklace from Elaine.
*I have a thing for heart shape stuff. No idea why.*

And this is from Ric and Kellie!

Its pasted on my cupboard. Should have taken a pic of me cupboard too.
K wait. I shall take one first.

There ya go! Lolx.

Waiting for my other birthday pressie. Aih. Taking sooo long. Ok. Need to go wash up and makan then back to studying. Argh.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me Birthday~

Its me birthday! Weeeeee~
Thank you guys for wishing me and for the calls!!
Really happy about it! Oh and for the messages toooo~

Sorry Brian. Made you talk to me a lil longer. Haha.

But thank you all!
I ish really happy.

I can't post up my pictures of me pressies yet. Cause since I'm waiting for more pressies to arrive. Weeeeee~ Happiness! Lolx.

Ok. I have to keep the happiness for later and start studying. Such a sad thing to have to study on your birthday.

Next Wednesday is me exam. At 6pm. Argh. Such bliss. -.-
After exam. Have to focus on a stupid assignment paper and my thesis! Argh! Hate it. But gotta do it.

Oh Oh. I'm gonna get sweet rewards IF I DO get a 3.2 gpa. Which won't ever happen. Cause it's just too unbelievable for me to get that. But if I do. Imma happy girl. Not cause I got a 3.2. It's the pressies that I'll get! Lolx.

Happy Happy.

Ok. I gotta study hard to be happy. Argh. Sad. Ok. Bai Bai~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I wanted to do a post for you guys. And I've been looking for pictures. But I can't load any of it. Which is pissing me off.
But anyway.

Hope you like your pressie Amelyn. I just find it cute thats why. And I know you like Stitch. So ya. My friends thought I was buying it for Kelly. Then when I said Amelyn. Elaine was like o.O. Hahaha. I just said I've got weird sisters. WHich I really do.

I found some pictures from your blog, Amelyn. And it reminded me of the time you got drunk. Hahaha. I took the picture from your blog. And wanted to post it. Aih. Funny funny. And the time we got locked out of the house by mummy. And we actually got out of the car and waved at mummy's window thinking that she would be there looking at us. No wonder she took something to whack us. HAhahahaha. And Kimmy peeing in the drain and actually said it was nice to pee in the drain just that she can feel mosquitoes biting her arse. Lolx!

And then all of us got in and got whacking. Aish. Funny nyer~ Don't know how many times we got locked out of the house. Then had to stay over at Ric's place. Lolx. Funny funny.

Kelly. I got your pressie de. Just look in your inventory. I think you should have gotten it already. Oh kelly. I saw the picture with you holding the rabbits. You was fat!!! Hahha. Still is. But you were fatter. Hahahahaha. I'm sho evil. Lolx.

Anyway. Happy Belated Birthday to both of you!!

Love you both very very muchie~


Another 1 and a half day or so to my birthday~ Ok. Actually. After 12am then tomorrow ish my birthday de!!! Weeeeee~
Ya. Birthday also no point. I still will be at home. STUDYING! Babiness.

Oh well. I celebrated my birthday last Saturday with my friends de. So. Its all good. Just that I feel like the whole time I was like super blur. All speaking in Mandarin. -.-
Oh well. I got pressies! Lolx.


I can't freaking upload the pictures. There's something wrong with the internet. Or some crap!! WHy is it when my housemate got back from her holiday, the internet freaking slow. Then the toilet drain thingy got stuck. It was just fine this morning. Then now. ITS STUCK. Wtfness!

I purposely took pictures. Argh. Oh well. I will upload it tomorrow or something. Or on my birthday.

Babiness. But still. Thank you!!!!

Oh crap. Wanted to do a lovely post for my two not-so-lovely sisters of mine. Amelyn's birthday was on the 18th and Kelly's one is on the 20th. Ok. Tomorrow I will do it after I'm done my studying. >.<

And thank you Kimmy for sending me my stuff. Really mean a lot to me. >.<
And Yeen too for helping out. >.<

Turning 22 in another day. Damnit. So so so...argh.

Oh ya. Ric. I stick the sign thingy on my cupboard. >.<

Will upload the pictures tomorrow or something when my internet is much faster or something. babiness. And the whole day she damn noisy. Up down up down. I can even hear her phone vibration. Damn.

K. I better go to bed de la. So tired. Night~~

Monday, January 19, 2009

As usual. I'm soo dead. Sooo not good. Sooo sleepy. But feel soo dead.


Need help.

Oh yes.

I has no more lollies!!!!!


SO sad. So so sad. I wanz my lollies.


Ok. I have like 4 left? Ya.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Babiness people. Having barbecue today. DONT LIKE YOU ALL!!!!
So mean of you guys. And I really wanna call you all too. But I has no credit de. Lolx. Crappiness. Haha.

But I still don't like you all. All nicely eating. Nicely having fun. WITHOUT ME!!!

Oh. But I'm going out to celebrate my birthday. A small celebration. Aiks. Oh well. *sigh*


Oh. I've been referring to the ESP guys.



Ok. I think all of my housemates. Has sixth sense of my bladder or something.

Whenever I need to pee. They're in there peeing.

When I need to shit. They're in there shitting.

When I need to bathe. Oh no surprise. They're bathing!!!!!!

Whenever I need to use the toilet. SOMEHOW, I'm one second later. -.-



So. I just came to a conclusion that either they have like sixth sense of my bladder and purposely use the toilet just to piss me off. OR. They have sixth sense AND likes to shuffle too.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I think I'm like my dad. A total sucker when a salesperson comes up to me. Puts me down in a chair. And tells you all kinds of deals and how much you save if you get it now. How great is this and that.

But. But. I wanted a phone for a really long time. And I was thinking twice on iphone. Since I found out that the functions arent that great plus its too sensitive or something. So now.

Since I don't have a camera too.

I has bought meself. A.

Samsung Pixon~ 8 Megapixel Camera! Woot!

It's isn't as sexy as HTC Diamond Touch or iPhone. But. Oh well. It's still touchscreen. And I still like that its a 8.0 Megapixel Camera phone. Weeeeeee~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emo crap

My ass so nice and warm now. Lalala~

Crap. I feel like shitting. *sob* It's not cause by the electric blankie. I felt like shitting ever since. Earlier on. I can't shit yet. Cause my housemate using the toilet. *sob*

Oh oh. Look! I was the 8888th person to be on me blog. Hahahaha. I was just scrolling down and I was like o.O! So I should be um. You know. Ya.

Ya. I print screened it. Lolx. I was bored la ok. I HATE ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should I tell or should I not. I don't know. HELP!!!


So stress. I use to love stress. But this stress. Is too stressful for me to handle. Help. *sob*

I really need some cheering up. Waaaaaaaaah. *sniff* *sniff*

No one online. Ok. Actually there's like 40 of me friends are online. But half of them is online but is either away or busy. The other half. I don't really talk much de. The other half. Talk too much till bored de. The other half. I don't talk at all. Cause. Seriously.

Tell you secret. ssssssshhhhhhhhh**

*half of them I forgot who are they de* >__<"

So. Um. Mmmhmm. Ya. >.<

Feel like sleeping de. My bed so nice and warm. Aih.

But it's only 9pm. Tooo early de! Even though I've been sleeping early de. But this is still waaaay too early. Aih. *sob*

Someone gimme emo songs or something emo to watch. I feel like crying. >.<


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Seriously no mood

Superwoman! Bwahaha

I can't believe that this happened to me. But in a way. It made me a lil bit stronger and gave me a lil bit more motivation. But in all. I feel really fucking down. I've NEVER experienced this before. Oh well. There's a first for everything I guess. But fuck. Not the whole thing. Or not I'm seriously fucked.

Sorry for the foul language. But I'm always using it. So who cares. I guess of cuz mummy do. But I'm really feeling damn down now. And dissapointed in myself. AIh.

Anyway. On a happier note.

I found Sainsbury's! Its a supermarket. But it's a lil far to walk and ta carry all those heavy groceries. When I semangat only I go. Cause so far. -.-

And! I bought an electric blanket!!!! Weeeeee~ It warms my ass. So ya. Hahahha. Well. Not exactly you know. But ya. Hahaha. I'm nicely warmed up. But still so cold this bloody place. Argh.

Oh! Oh! I bought pressies for Amelyn, Aaron and Yeen. Yeen. Yours will arrive around the Feb24. Don't ask. I bought it online. They have to look for your figurine in their BIG warehouse for like 10days or something. Or more actually. And then it takes like another 10 days or so to arrive at your house. So ya. -.-

Gonna send the birthday cards and Amelyn and Aaron pressie tomorrow. Oh wait. Only the cards. Cause my housemate just told me she got no box. -.- When she told me she has just now! Babi Elaine!! >.< AND NOW SHE TELL ME GOT!!!! -.- You memang damn babi. -.-

Anyway. So will be sending tomorrow. I don't know what to get for both of you. Talking to you both, Esther and Yee Hui. So ya. Oh yea. Maybe getting the PSP skins for Yee Hui. Cause it's cheap! >_< See how la. Argh. I'm already broke. Lolx. I owe you guys first la.

So. SO . So sleepy. I need to wrap the babi present first. Then only can go sleep. Aish. After my small birthday gathering thingy. I'M GONNA STAY HOME AND EAT MAGGI MEE. WEEEEEEEE~!


And ESP peeps. I still love you and hate you at the same time. And I feel like killing you guys. Cause. Cause. Cause. I hate you guys. Bunch of idiots. Argh!!! -.-


Eh! Both of you don't suddenly come and tell me this. Annette and Michelle. Babiness. One say stay away from guys. Got me motivated to do so too. Then other one come tell me want to have a serious boyfriend. I mean. To 'settle' for one. Then got me feeling that way too. Idiots!!! Make me feel half half de. Ish. Stupidness. And both of you were the opposite of what you told me. -.-


Need to finish ALLL OF MY ASSIGNMENTS TOMORROW. Yay! Call me Superwoman! Or SuperAssignmentWoman! Or SuperAwesomeAssignmentWoman! Or SuperAwesomeAndReallyReallyCuteAssignmentWoman! Aih. Awesomness! Hahahha. Ok. I think I'm really sleepy.

This sleepy thing is sooo sooo sooo sleeeeepy. I STILL don't believe I'm actually sleeping early. Gawd. Ok. Sleeeeeep!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Can't believe how childish you can be.
I thought you were different.
But guess not.
Don't say I didn't try.
Because I did.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Its so freaking cold these days. Waaaah! It's even colder than Scotland and any where else!!! Im actually wearing gloves too. Well. I kinda have too. I sit next to the window. And it gets freaking cold.

Now. I'm always wearing my really cute socks/shoe thingy that me mummy got from Aussie. Its nice and warm. And I gotta wear a sweater too. Lolx. Look look. I took pictures! Hahaha. I just find it funny to study with gloves. Haha. Oh well. >.<

Cute riiiight?? Hahaha

See. Awesomo. I can study with gloves.. Whahahhaha.

Ok. I shall go back to studying. Argh. Oh. Oh. Surprisingly. I finished two chapters de! I'm so proud of myself. 5 more chapters to go. 8 more assignments to go. Shit la. -.- K. K. Back to work. Argh!!!
What happened to everyone huh!!!!

Not a single one of you updated your blog!!!

You know how freaking bored I am here. Ok. Despite having a psp. But anyway. That's not really the point. Ya.

I visit every single blog every single day. *yes, I have nothing else better to do then read your blog*
ANd there's no bloody update! Ok. Maybe just Esther who updated hers. But it was a short one. But still. Its something. And Julia!!!!! -.- You hilang mana de ah!!!!

ANyway, ESP. I miss you guys. And I hate you guys too. Cause well. Ya.

I'm going off to bed. Argh. Babi people.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Da Day

Ok. Somehow my sleeping time is sorta back to normal. But I always need an afternoon nap or evening one. Whichever. Just that I need a nap. I actually slept at 11 yesterday and woke up at 3am. But forced myself to sleep some more and woke up at 7 am instead.
Amanda has never been a morning person. Or one to wake up so freaking early when there's nothing to be awake for. But I couldn't get back to dreamland.

So. I got up. Showered and stuff. Made my hot milo. Oh mummy. I'm about to finish my first pack de. >.<
Came online. Did my daily online stuff. Then studied. Yes. I studied. And actually finished a chapter today! Happy me.

Around 12pm, the postman came and delivered my baby to me. Weeeeee~
And! I only played around a lil bit and got some themes for it. THATS ALL.

Had lunch. Studied a lil more. And fell asleep. Got up around 8 something. Had soup. Cause feeling sickish. Still feeling sick now. Argh. Need to go buy panadol de.

Played a lil with my baby. Start a lil on my assignment. And now I'm here. >.<

See. I never really play with my psp. I was studying and eating and sleeping most of the time.

I can control myself!!! Whahahahhaa.

I hope....

Friday, January 9, 2009


Finallyeh!!! I got my PSP!!!! Weee~

Its pink of cuz!! I mean. Its Pink! >.< Too excited to take much pictures. I sooo wanna bond with my new baby. *sob* But I can't yet. I wanna let it charge. Plus. I need to study!!! Waaaaaaa~


Got new baby. But I can't bond with me baby. *sniff* *sniff*

Later ok baby. Mummy will play with you later. When you are all fed up and after my study. *sob*

Back to studying.


*cross out from wish list*

And oh. Thanks Stan!!!!! Thank you loads for this gift and the other small lil gifts too. Thank Chu!!

...Ok...maybe just one game won't hurt right...right????

Need. Sleep.

My sleeping hours are so weird. It's like I'm following Malaysia timing.

I sleep around 5 in the afternoon till 8 or 9 at night. Then I stay awake till like 5-6 in the morning and then fall asleep and wake up around 10 in the morning. Like what the heck!!!!
I only have so little hours of sleep!!!!!! *sob*

In the morning are like my afternoon nap. My evening sleep is like my..well. Sleep. Cause sometimes I sleep till 11. I need at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Then I'm like refreshed. Ok. Not so. I'll still be sleepy. But not so.

Damnit. Stupid crazy hours of sleep. I was so tempted to buy sleeping pills that day. Then I can have such a nice deep sleep.

My housemate, Mei Ting. She talks freaking loud. So that always wake me up in between my beauty sleep. Argh. *sob*

I need proper sleep. Now I'm feeling sleepy. Cause I feel asleep studying *oh yes. I was studying. Hohoho* at around 5 something. And then woke up just now for dinner at 7. So I had very little sleep. Now I'm feeling awfully sleepy. So. After this. I'll be heading to bed early. And hopefully I wont get up in the middle of the night. That will surely piss me off.

Oh. I decided to celebrate my birthday next Saturday with my housemates. Mei Ting and her now at last finally boyfriend Tian Hao *however you spell his name*, Elaine, Celine and Celine's housemate name Zero. Or something like that. He's from China. Don't ask why is his name Zero. It's just is. Tian Hao's english name is Real. So. Seriously. DOn't ask. China people. Are. Hmmm.. Well. Ya. >.<

Anyway. Just gonna have dinner. And that's it. Nothing special. Having it at Imperial Kitchen. Cause we kinda asked. There's no other better place to eat de. And we can have like special request and see they can cook. Then they'll cook for us. We are loyal customers. Lolx. We even get free chinese tea! Hahhaa. So. Ya.

Oh well. I'm feeling sleepy de. Need to sleep and do my assignment. Argh. Hate it!!!!

Sleeeeeeeeep. *sob*

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Day

Ok. So. Yee Hui got my birthday WRONG AGAIN! And this time she said she checked Facebook. -.-
Yee Hui. You do know that you can check my blog too.
I'm so disappointed in you. -.-


So now. You're triple dead. Means. Three pressies. Weee~!

I realized there's like 8 birthdays in January. Including mine. I have to spend more money on my birthday month. -.-

Anyway. I slept at 7pm yesterday. Or was it 5pm. Don't remember. After I got back from Manchester which was at around 2pm. I did my laundry. I have to do it 3 times. -.-
Need to change my bedsheets and all. I mean. Its dusty. Swept my floor. And cleaned my table. Though its still messy. >.<>.<
Ate. Then watched a bit of Ugly Betty. Studied a bit.

My housemate told me our grades were out for one of my assignment. And guess what. I actually passed!!!!! I mean. It's not a great grade. But I really thought I was gonna fail. Cause I didn't include much pictures and my whole outline was wrong plus the stuff I wrote was so crappy I don't think I understand either. SO there.

Just have to study harder for a better grade now. Aish.

Fell asleep around 3pm till 9pm. Got up for dinner. And now. I'm still here of cuz. Just uploaded photos from Manchester. Though I didn't really take the scenery and stuff. Well. I was only in the city the whole time. And also. Was lazy to take pictures. So anyway. Ya.

Now. Hopefully I get to go to bed early. I mean. Try to sleep early. So I can get up early to do my assignments and study. I HATE ASSIGNMENTS!!!

Back to torture

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kimmy's Accident...?

Ya. She had an accident by herself. Wonderful ain't it. Thank gawd it's just the Wira. Daddy. You can throw away that car de. Seriously. I pity it. For having so many things happening to it.

Secretly. *i think it's cursed* *shhhh*

I mean. Seriously. Lolx. That car has been through A LOT! >.<

And oh. The back tire got into the drain. The shaft can say bye bye plus the tires as well. Basically. My car is junk now.


And she can tell me.

"Oh che! It was like a MERRY-GO-ROUND, spinning. Weeeeeeeeee!"


Tell me. Don't you feel like killing her.
Ok. Maybe if it happened to me too. I might have said that. I guess. But obviously. It won't happen to me. *I hope*. Anyway. That resulted into her, getting GROUNDED FOR LIFE!
Just like the 'for life' word. So happy to know your sister got grounded for life. *sigh* Bliss.


Anyway. Going back to Luton tomorrow morning.
Will miss Manchester. Might come again. See how. Maybe try to get a job here too. Hmm.
See how la. Aish.

When I get back. I have to study de. Argh. And my assignments!!! Omgness. Aih.
This suck so badly!!!

18 more days to me Birthday!!

Oh yea.


>.< Still angry. You idiot!!!

I took a print screen just in case you deny the fact. And so I have prove now to kill you.

*Yes. I got nothing else better to do*

You better do something about it before I really kill you.


Friday, January 2, 2009


I need to sleep early. Wake up early.

Eat less. Drink less.

Study harder. Play harder. Eh. I mean. Less.

In another 20 days. I'll be freaking 22. Oh my freaking ass gawd. Crap. I will be 22. Sound so old.
Damnit. That is just so sad.

22 wei. Oh no.

Oh well. I'm expecting presents!!! Don't disappoint me!

Actually, I know I will be disappointed and also. I can't celebrate. I got exams on the 28th. So I can't actually celebrate it.

So damn sad. Seriously. Aih.

Will be going back to Luton on the 5th.

Been mahjong-ing everyday. -.-

Still watching Desperate Housewives and so damn lazy to stream de. It's pissing me off.

I have to stop playing and putting off work and start getting serious.

Shit. I just hate that. But I have to. *sigh*

Oh well. Just realized something else. Actually. Not just realized. But I just still can't believe it. But I've been single for 10 months now. In March. It'll be a year.
I know I've been saying this quite a lot. Just that I can't believe it. That's all.

I mean. Almost a year. 10 months itself sounds so freaking long.

Maybe I can take Mei's role now hor.
Spinster-for-life? Hahahha. Oh wait. She said can still have sex. So I won't be deprived or anything. Crap. That is still boring.

Mei. Do ya think I can do it?

*pause* Bwahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahaha

*ya right*

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

A year has come and go.

Spent with family. Friends. In my case. I think my friends see me more than my family. o.o

Made loads of new friends. Am happy that I did so.

Was always lazy to do so. >.<

Oh well. I guess I'm too lazy to do any sappy type of posts de.

There will obviously be more rubbish in this blog.

And obviously all about me.

You obviously wont get bored of it!


You have to admit I am oh-so entertaining.


Ok. Enough with the self praise.

Hope everyone had a blast and will have a blast tonight.

Oh. I was still asleep when Malaysia was on countdown. Lolx. Then suddenly had messages. Which woke me up.

Will have a blast tonight. >.<

If only Tung gets up in time. Hahaha.

BYE 2008 ~ HELLO 2009



My Birthday is another 22 more days!!!