Friday, January 9, 2009

Need. Sleep.

My sleeping hours are so weird. It's like I'm following Malaysia timing.

I sleep around 5 in the afternoon till 8 or 9 at night. Then I stay awake till like 5-6 in the morning and then fall asleep and wake up around 10 in the morning. Like what the heck!!!!
I only have so little hours of sleep!!!!!! *sob*

In the morning are like my afternoon nap. My evening sleep is like my..well. Sleep. Cause sometimes I sleep till 11. I need at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Then I'm like refreshed. Ok. Not so. I'll still be sleepy. But not so.

Damnit. Stupid crazy hours of sleep. I was so tempted to buy sleeping pills that day. Then I can have such a nice deep sleep.

My housemate, Mei Ting. She talks freaking loud. So that always wake me up in between my beauty sleep. Argh. *sob*

I need proper sleep. Now I'm feeling sleepy. Cause I feel asleep studying *oh yes. I was studying. Hohoho* at around 5 something. And then woke up just now for dinner at 7. So I had very little sleep. Now I'm feeling awfully sleepy. So. After this. I'll be heading to bed early. And hopefully I wont get up in the middle of the night. That will surely piss me off.

Oh. I decided to celebrate my birthday next Saturday with my housemates. Mei Ting and her now at last finally boyfriend Tian Hao *however you spell his name*, Elaine, Celine and Celine's housemate name Zero. Or something like that. He's from China. Don't ask why is his name Zero. It's just is. Tian Hao's english name is Real. So. Seriously. DOn't ask. China people. Are. Hmmm.. Well. Ya. >.<

Anyway. Just gonna have dinner. And that's it. Nothing special. Having it at Imperial Kitchen. Cause we kinda asked. There's no other better place to eat de. And we can have like special request and see they can cook. Then they'll cook for us. We are loyal customers. Lolx. We even get free chinese tea! Hahhaa. So. Ya.

Oh well. I'm feeling sleepy de. Need to sleep and do my assignment. Argh. Hate it!!!!

Sleeeeeeeeep. *sob*

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