Sunday, January 11, 2009


Its so freaking cold these days. Waaaah! It's even colder than Scotland and any where else!!! Im actually wearing gloves too. Well. I kinda have too. I sit next to the window. And it gets freaking cold.

Now. I'm always wearing my really cute socks/shoe thingy that me mummy got from Aussie. Its nice and warm. And I gotta wear a sweater too. Lolx. Look look. I took pictures! Hahaha. I just find it funny to study with gloves. Haha. Oh well. >.<

Cute riiiight?? Hahaha

See. Awesomo. I can study with gloves.. Whahahhaha.

Ok. I shall go back to studying. Argh. Oh. Oh. Surprisingly. I finished two chapters de! I'm so proud of myself. 5 more chapters to go. 8 more assignments to go. Shit la. -.- K. K. Back to work. Argh!!!

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