Saturday, January 10, 2009

Da Day

Ok. Somehow my sleeping time is sorta back to normal. But I always need an afternoon nap or evening one. Whichever. Just that I need a nap. I actually slept at 11 yesterday and woke up at 3am. But forced myself to sleep some more and woke up at 7 am instead.
Amanda has never been a morning person. Or one to wake up so freaking early when there's nothing to be awake for. But I couldn't get back to dreamland.

So. I got up. Showered and stuff. Made my hot milo. Oh mummy. I'm about to finish my first pack de. >.<
Came online. Did my daily online stuff. Then studied. Yes. I studied. And actually finished a chapter today! Happy me.

Around 12pm, the postman came and delivered my baby to me. Weeeeee~
And! I only played around a lil bit and got some themes for it. THATS ALL.

Had lunch. Studied a lil more. And fell asleep. Got up around 8 something. Had soup. Cause feeling sickish. Still feeling sick now. Argh. Need to go buy panadol de.

Played a lil with my baby. Start a lil on my assignment. And now I'm here. >.<

See. I never really play with my psp. I was studying and eating and sleeping most of the time.

I can control myself!!! Whahahahhaa.

I hope....

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