Thursday, January 22, 2009

Me Birthday~

Its me birthday! Weeeeee~
Thank you guys for wishing me and for the calls!!
Really happy about it! Oh and for the messages toooo~

Sorry Brian. Made you talk to me a lil longer. Haha.

But thank you all!
I ish really happy.

I can't post up my pictures of me pressies yet. Cause since I'm waiting for more pressies to arrive. Weeeeee~ Happiness! Lolx.

Ok. I have to keep the happiness for later and start studying. Such a sad thing to have to study on your birthday.

Next Wednesday is me exam. At 6pm. Argh. Such bliss. -.-
After exam. Have to focus on a stupid assignment paper and my thesis! Argh! Hate it. But gotta do it.

Oh Oh. I'm gonna get sweet rewards IF I DO get a 3.2 gpa. Which won't ever happen. Cause it's just too unbelievable for me to get that. But if I do. Imma happy girl. Not cause I got a 3.2. It's the pressies that I'll get! Lolx.

Happy Happy.

Ok. I gotta study hard to be happy. Argh. Sad. Ok. Bai Bai~

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