Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Superwoman! Bwahaha

I can't believe that this happened to me. But in a way. It made me a lil bit stronger and gave me a lil bit more motivation. But in all. I feel really fucking down. I've NEVER experienced this before. Oh well. There's a first for everything I guess. But fuck. Not the whole thing. Or not I'm seriously fucked.

Sorry for the foul language. But I'm always using it. So who cares. I guess of cuz mummy do. But I'm really feeling damn down now. And dissapointed in myself. AIh.

Anyway. On a happier note.

I found Sainsbury's! Its a supermarket. But it's a lil far to walk and ta carry all those heavy groceries. When I semangat only I go. Cause so far. -.-

And! I bought an electric blanket!!!! Weeeeee~ It warms my ass. So ya. Hahahha. Well. Not exactly you know. But ya. Hahaha. I'm nicely warmed up. But still so cold this bloody place. Argh.

Oh! Oh! I bought pressies for Amelyn, Aaron and Yeen. Yeen. Yours will arrive around the Feb24. Don't ask. I bought it online. They have to look for your figurine in their BIG warehouse for like 10days or something. Or more actually. And then it takes like another 10 days or so to arrive at your house. So ya. -.-

Gonna send the birthday cards and Amelyn and Aaron pressie tomorrow. Oh wait. Only the cards. Cause my housemate just told me she got no box. -.- When she told me she has just now! Babi Elaine!! >.< AND NOW SHE TELL ME GOT!!!! -.- You memang damn babi. -.-

Anyway. So will be sending tomorrow. I don't know what to get for both of you. Talking to you both, Esther and Yee Hui. So ya. Oh yea. Maybe getting the PSP skins for Yee Hui. Cause it's cheap! >_< See how la. Argh. I'm already broke. Lolx. I owe you guys first la.

So. SO . So sleepy. I need to wrap the babi present first. Then only can go sleep. Aish. After my small birthday gathering thingy. I'M GONNA STAY HOME AND EAT MAGGI MEE. WEEEEEEEE~!


And ESP peeps. I still love you and hate you at the same time. And I feel like killing you guys. Cause. Cause. Cause. I hate you guys. Bunch of idiots. Argh!!! -.-


Eh! Both of you don't suddenly come and tell me this. Annette and Michelle. Babiness. One say stay away from guys. Got me motivated to do so too. Then other one come tell me want to have a serious boyfriend. I mean. To 'settle' for one. Then got me feeling that way too. Idiots!!! Make me feel half half de. Ish. Stupidness. And both of you were the opposite of what you told me. -.-


Need to finish ALLL OF MY ASSIGNMENTS TOMORROW. Yay! Call me Superwoman! Or SuperAssignmentWoman! Or SuperAwesomeAssignmentWoman! Or SuperAwesomeAndReallyReallyCuteAssignmentWoman! Aih. Awesomness! Hahahha. Ok. I think I'm really sleepy.

This sleepy thing is sooo sooo sooo sleeeeepy. I STILL don't believe I'm actually sleeping early. Gawd. Ok. Sleeeeeep!

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