Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I wanted to do a post for you guys. And I've been looking for pictures. But I can't load any of it. Which is pissing me off.
But anyway.

Hope you like your pressie Amelyn. I just find it cute thats why. And I know you like Stitch. So ya. My friends thought I was buying it for Kelly. Then when I said Amelyn. Elaine was like o.O. Hahaha. I just said I've got weird sisters. WHich I really do.

I found some pictures from your blog, Amelyn. And it reminded me of the time you got drunk. Hahaha. I took the picture from your blog. And wanted to post it. Aih. Funny funny. And the time we got locked out of the house by mummy. And we actually got out of the car and waved at mummy's window thinking that she would be there looking at us. No wonder she took something to whack us. HAhahahaha. And Kimmy peeing in the drain and actually said it was nice to pee in the drain just that she can feel mosquitoes biting her arse. Lolx!

And then all of us got in and got whacking. Aish. Funny nyer~ Don't know how many times we got locked out of the house. Then had to stay over at Ric's place. Lolx. Funny funny.

Kelly. I got your pressie de. Just look in your inventory. I think you should have gotten it already. Oh kelly. I saw the picture with you holding the rabbits. You was fat!!! Hahha. Still is. But you were fatter. Hahahahaha. I'm sho evil. Lolx.

Anyway. Happy Belated Birthday to both of you!!

Love you both very very muchie~

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