Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank you Esther!

I received a pressie from Esther. Erm. Yesterday, when the mailman came. Lolx. Thanks for the hairband. When my friend went to get the mail. She was like laughing. Nah! Amanda. Can see it's a hairband.

I love it!

Its nice plain black with a cute ribbon on it.
So me~
Not the cute ribbon part.
The um. Plain black part.

And you know what I realized. Ok. Maybe not now. But since long ago. But this time it's really really obvious.

I have too many black clothes. When I did my laundry that day. I threw the clothes on my bed. All I saw was a pile of black clothes. And undies toooo. I need more colour in me life! Er. Actually. I'll just stick to plain black.


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