Friday, January 2, 2009


I need to sleep early. Wake up early.

Eat less. Drink less.

Study harder. Play harder. Eh. I mean. Less.

In another 20 days. I'll be freaking 22. Oh my freaking ass gawd. Crap. I will be 22. Sound so old.
Damnit. That is just so sad.

22 wei. Oh no.

Oh well. I'm expecting presents!!! Don't disappoint me!

Actually, I know I will be disappointed and also. I can't celebrate. I got exams on the 28th. So I can't actually celebrate it.

So damn sad. Seriously. Aih.

Will be going back to Luton on the 5th.

Been mahjong-ing everyday. -.-

Still watching Desperate Housewives and so damn lazy to stream de. It's pissing me off.

I have to stop playing and putting off work and start getting serious.

Shit. I just hate that. But I have to. *sigh*

Oh well. Just realized something else. Actually. Not just realized. But I just still can't believe it. But I've been single for 10 months now. In March. It'll be a year.
I know I've been saying this quite a lot. Just that I can't believe it. That's all.

I mean. Almost a year. 10 months itself sounds so freaking long.

Maybe I can take Mei's role now hor.
Spinster-for-life? Hahahha. Oh wait. She said can still have sex. So I won't be deprived or anything. Crap. That is still boring.

Mei. Do ya think I can do it?

*pause* Bwahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahaha

*ya right*

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