Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Day

Ok. So. Yee Hui got my birthday WRONG AGAIN! And this time she said she checked Facebook. -.-
Yee Hui. You do know that you can check my blog too.
I'm so disappointed in you. -.-


So now. You're triple dead. Means. Three pressies. Weee~!

I realized there's like 8 birthdays in January. Including mine. I have to spend more money on my birthday month. -.-

Anyway. I slept at 7pm yesterday. Or was it 5pm. Don't remember. After I got back from Manchester which was at around 2pm. I did my laundry. I have to do it 3 times. -.-
Need to change my bedsheets and all. I mean. Its dusty. Swept my floor. And cleaned my table. Though its still messy. >.<>.<
Ate. Then watched a bit of Ugly Betty. Studied a bit.

My housemate told me our grades were out for one of my assignment. And guess what. I actually passed!!!!! I mean. It's not a great grade. But I really thought I was gonna fail. Cause I didn't include much pictures and my whole outline was wrong plus the stuff I wrote was so crappy I don't think I understand either. SO there.

Just have to study harder for a better grade now. Aish.

Fell asleep around 3pm till 9pm. Got up for dinner. And now. I'm still here of cuz. Just uploaded photos from Manchester. Though I didn't really take the scenery and stuff. Well. I was only in the city the whole time. And also. Was lazy to take pictures. So anyway. Ya.

Now. Hopefully I get to go to bed early. I mean. Try to sleep early. So I can get up early to do my assignments and study. I HATE ASSIGNMENTS!!!

Back to torture

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