Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday to you & me

It was Esther's celebration at Vintry. Where I used to work. Oh wait. They had it in Ribs. Where I used to work too. But anyway. They finally had wifi there. And Steph brought her Mac out with her. So we tried to Skype. And look what my oh-so-lovely-friends whom I love oh-so-much. Lolx.

The had a birthday cake. Ok. Maybe a small slice of cake with a candle on top and they sang to me! Lolx!

I think this was the part I was trying to blow the candle!
And they made me act as if I'm eating a bite of the cake!
Rubbish people.

And this was the champagne or sparkling whatsoever which I kinda spend them.
And they made a toast to me too.
Still. Rubbish people. Lolx.

And here is the group picture which they made me take. Lolx.
So blur la!

I had fun. And I received some good news too! But of course I won't say it. It might be a surprise. Or it might be not. I'm not too sure yet. It will be too hectic for me if I do receive it. But I guess that's the price you pay if you really want it. Sigh.


Oh yes. Here's a post too for Esther.

I've known Esther for about um. Lets see. Ever since Standard 6. Which was when we were 12. And we just turned 22. So that makes like freaking 10 years! Weeeee~ Sho long. I remember you sat like 2 rows in front of me. And we always try to sit together or something. Or you try to come and sit in front of me. It was me, you, rowena and juliana. And I can't believe how childish we were. When we get into fights and stuff. I think I still have it in my diary lo! But my diaries are all at home. So I don't remember. But I think I wrote down before of us fighting with rowena and juliana. Lolx.

Oh Oh. And we always call each other after school. Haha. Its like if we need to go toilet half way through. I think we just put down and go together and come back ta talk some more. I still have no idea what we talked about. Haha. But I do remember you talking about Kennard. And me sometimes about Stanley last time. Funny crap.

And then on to Form 1. You were in Daisy class. And I in Dahlia class. And we fought or something but we made up after that. We were always in different classes and always wanted to sit together. And when we finally got to that was in form 4. You still had to sit in front of me.
Hey. I never realised that till now. Hahahaha.

Same school. Same college. Aih. Lolx. 10 years of friendship wei. So the long. Well. There will be more. Right now. I'm waiting for your wedding. Hahaha!

Oh well. Here are some pictures!

Was taking ages to look for pictures with you and me. I like this one!

Remember we went to the Apartment or something in Curve. And we were looking at the spoons

You were the one you was playing with it first and then you "taught" me how to do it.

And we couldn't stop looking at ourselves. Lolx. Vain sial~

Here are the one of the many pictures we take in Bukit Kiara

It was supposed to be our weekly thing to swim.

Oh Oh. I found this. I forgot who took the pics for us.

Was it Wai Hong? Don't remember. I know there was more. Lolx.

I just find this funny. Up close with your braces too. Lolx. Oh ya. With liz.

Hmm. I think this was at um. Crap. Whats that place called at TTDI Plaza.
Can someone remind me. Lolx. I dont remember de.
Oh ya! Ecky!! Lolx

I have no idea why the heck my face was like that.
I think we were supposed to stick out our tongues or something.

Mei. You a bit late la. Lolx

Aih. So Yeng la we. After college hor?

And I love this picture. Our birthdays of cuz. Is just 3 days away from each other.
I'm just 3 days older than you. So ya.

And we were born in the same hospital. Our cot might have been next to each other for awhile or something. Or I was going out of the hospital and you coming in. Lolx. Damn rubbish la.

Haha. Oh well.

Happy Birthday Esther!

you Loads

And oh.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

you Loads

Had the webcam on and sang to my grandmother with my family as well.
If you look closely. You can see my grandmother sitting down. Lolx.
And the cake was from Vintry as well!!!!
Oh well.

Happy Happy Birthday!

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