Friday, February 27, 2009

The day with Chelle = torture

Stupid chelle. Made me walk like everywhere today lo! Or more like confused me. Lolx.

Woke up around 1pm. Text her to ask what time she coming all. So ya. Here's the whole convo. Ladida~

C: I feel like being a princess today. I shall take take a cab to the station.
A: Wth. Damn a lot of money la now. Babi.
C: ahahahha. Fine fine I walk then! But till the big road up my place only!

I'm like. Wth la. Babi. And so. I was still in my pj's. Talking to Weihua, my mum, mei and stan. ANd I had to still sweep the floor and clean my room before chelle gets here.

C: I'm in de cab de. What a waste of money.

Cause she found out that it was actually quite near her place. Cost her £7 for the cab. Lolx. Can actually walk or something.
So I quickly wash up and everything. Showered, changed.

A: Noooooooo. I havent sweep yet!!!!!
C: Cipatcipatcipet! *wth cipet!* Lol. Or just sweep when i get there.
A: Ok. Maybe I'll do that. Which station you pass de? I'll walk out soon.

I quickly cleaned up my room. Swept my carpet floor. The vacumm not working la! You can actually sweep eh. Lolx. And then wanted to do my laundry too. But my housemate doing. So I waited for like another 10-15minutes. Then f* it. Changed and then got out of the house and rushed to town. I had to meet up Mei Ting too. Cause she was booking this Oxford City trip. And our names weren't there. SO had to meet up with her and get our names down.

So I rushed the whole way. When I just reached the city only...


C: Oit oit. I just passed St albans d.
A: Oh. Still quite far. Backside. I'm already in town. -.-

So I thought. Ok. Can go meet Mei Ting. I was at the other end of town and my uni was at the otehr end. So I walked all the way there. When I was about to reach there. I called her. She said no need to meet up de and she went home de. Cause she settled for us de. -.- Wtf. And I walk there lo.

A: See now! I have to walk around the mall alone! Nvm. I sit in WHS.
C: Go be good girl and read a book. Eh I passed Harpenden d. Heading to Luton Airport I think.

So before she sent me that message. I was already in WHS. Then I thought. No need go there la. SO walked out. Wanted to go somewhere else to wait for her. SHe said that. Bugger. Luton Airport is just one stop away to Luton. Duh*

A: Ok ok. I walk really slow to the station.
C: ahaha. yaa play with animals on the way like a snow white.
A: Haha. Wth! What rubbish wei.
C: Ahaha. Kaykay I reaching!
A: Now I have to walk super fast de you babi!!!

I was still in the mall. Rushing to get there. Make me walk like everywhere only. Here and there. I was practically sweating de. And it was kinda a cold day! Then the whole way she send me rubbish sms. Make me can't walk fast. Cause I have to touch my phone screen or not the song will go on until it ends.

Babi la. Finally got her. Went to have Indian rice. My cheeks were pink de. All cause of her la! Lolx.
After having lunch. Walked back home. The whole way. Where's your house. Where's your house. Lolx.

Got home de. We kinda like settled down and feeling awfully tired de. I pushed my laptop aside cause she brought her Mac. So let her have some space. I wanted to plug in her charger for her. So no need so mafan for her to plug in later.

A: Where's your charger.
Stoned awhile.
C: Oh fuck!!!! I forgot to bring my charger!!!!!!
I also stoned de.

Wtf. Lolx. Damn funny. She brought her laptop. Her phone charger. Her mouse. But no laptop charger. And then. We had to rush out again. To buy one.

Ohemgee. Die la I tell you. Dah la I walk like f* de just now. Now have to walk out again. The shops close around 5 or 6. And it was already 4 something. So. Rush again lo. We walked around the whole mall. Asking for it. Our legs were gonna break de. We were sliding our feet. Haha.

We wanted to go to the market and buy it. But then. It was closed. So we were like. Ok la. Can't get it de. Lets go Tesco and buy some stuff la. Then we were heading home and we just got into a shop to ask. Then they told us about this shop next to the Post Office. I was like. Oh yea hor! I never thought of it. There memang sell all the computer stuff and other electrical stuff. Nice one la for me. -.-

We rushed there. And they were closed de. Damn sad. We saw what was the closing time.
6pm. And it was already 6:10pm. Mch. If we didn't do anything else. Confirm can reach there on time lo!!!!!!!!!!! So. Ya.

Felt even worse. So we went shisha! Hahaha. But the shisha wasn't that great la. After that. Walked around a lil. Showed her the club we're planning to go to tonight. Then walked home.
So bloody tired de.

Stayed home the whole night. Warmed up the spaghetti for her. And then we drank soup too. Around midnight. We went for midnight snack in town. Fried chicken with french fries! Saw some drunkards.

Came home and we became drunkards as well. Lolx. Drank more than half the bottle and slept.

You know what! No one can bloody sleep with Chelle. You know I sleep on a single bed right. Ya. She elbowed me. Kicked me. The kick wasn't as painful as elbowed. Oh oh. She elbowed my eye. Luckily no black eye. And then. The last one. She shoved her ass in my face. -.-"

I pity her bf. The small bitch. But small bitch say she sleep like an angel wor. -.-
I DONT BELIEVE!!!! Ask Annette! She will vouch for me!!!! Lolx.

K. Now need to go get some lunch. Really late lunch. And see what to do today. Will update more~

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chelle! Chelle!


So happy la. But the bad thing is. I sleep on a single bed. And Chelle likes to take the whole bed. And kick people. So ya. How la!!! Lolx.
Nevermind la. Let her sleep on the outside. So then i can just kick her off the bed. Whahahahahhahaha!

She gonna be here till Saturday. And I'm going down to London on Saturday. So we go back down together. Lalalalalala~

What are we gonna do. Hmmmmm. Okla. Go eat waffle. Chicken. Go club. Hmmmm. See la.

Okla. Super sleepy de.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coda Coala

You're asking wtf is a coda coala. Well. Here's the story. And I'm feeling pissy about it. Cause I'm hating my sister. Lolx.

Once upon a time. She had this fish named Desiree. I lazy to put the stupid e with a comma on top thingy. Anyway. Yes. She had this fish for 2 years. A black fish. I forgot what type. Some knife thingy or something. Which Zhang calls it "parang zhai". Well Ya. She said she and Raymond are the parents of the fish. -.-
Ya i know. It's my sister. She's stupid. ><


In action?

Just few days back. SHE FREAKING KILLED IT!!!! Her baby of two years. SHE FREAKING KILLED IT. Cause she forgot to put the anti-chlorine thing. So it's dead. And she cried and cried and cried. And she wrote a post. A memorial thingy for her fish. And she didn't flush it down the toilet bowl. She threw it in the longkang outside my house. You know. Where a guy was slashed in front of my house too. Ya. There. Such a funeral I tell you.

And she cried and cried and cried. ANd Raymond wanted to scold her. Then he was like. Ok we will get a new one or something. Since she was crying.

Then now. Where does this Coda Coala fit in this whole story of her stupid fish.

I present to you. Coda. Coala. It's full name. -.-"

A black Chelsie!!!
It's name is Coda Coala.
COALa - cause its as black as coal.
And it's like coca cola.
Cause its black too??
My sister is a bimbo.
I can't help it.

Seee!!! It's so small and cute and black.
Black black stuff!
You know how small Chelsie is.
This is soooo small de!!!

A black toy poodle.
Not a black roll of fluffness.

There ya go.


WTF IS THAT!?!?!??!?!





We need more Vincent's in this world for the girls. That's one moral of the story.

The other.

You kill a fish. You get a new dog.

mch. knn. f*er.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

400th post

Stupid ass shit you.
Tllm. <---Raymond's favorite. Haha.

Ok. I'm supposed to be feeling pissed off right now. Ass you!

F* YOU!!!!!


I'm feeling so pissed right now. That I'm I'm I'm. ARGH!!!!
I'm going to bed. Argh!!!!!!

My 400th post of nothingness.

Chelle said we should do something productive. We sat in front of the computer from 4pm to 9pm. Playing Texas Holdem Poker on Facebook. While we chat on Skype. There was like 7 of us on Skype. And 5 of us playing Texas Holdem Poker. I played with babi WeiHua from like 3 gua. And the whole time I was giving him money. Cause one round I won like 30 plus k! ANd he no money wan. So give 1k. 1k. 1k. I don't know how many times I give him 1k de. I think more than 20k also got lo.

So now he has to take me around when I get back. Weeeeeee~ Got driver de! Hahahaha. Nice one la! Lolx. Aih. So nice. I so happy. Hahaha.

Kla. I'm going to bed now. Bugger. I'm so pissed of right now. I can kill. And there's this irritating small fly flyin around me. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!

K. To bed. To bed.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is the waffle um. What is this called again? Stand? Right? Is it? I don't remember. Well. Anyway, I couldn't stand it de. Cause of the ESP crappy people. Keep mentioning the bloody waffles on the wall and stuff. WARGH!!! So of cause I feel like having some too. Eeeeeee!

Look! Look!
Look so yummy har.
It is actually.
Just that I get jelak damn fast.

Mine is the chocolate with nuts.
And Elaine's one is the chocolate.

Now. Stupid Brian. Don't call me pandaffle. Idiot. And I still don't like you guys. Cause you all still get to eat those waffles. And I want to eat my chocolate and peanut butter.

Ok. Feeling damn sleepy de. Shall blog more tomorrow or something. Going to Sainsbury tomorrow. ANd I shall buy those cookies that Esther likes too. Hehe! Nightie~

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More presents! o.O

My latest pressies!!! Simone's one came like last week. But I was going off to London de. So didn't have time to enjoy it. So now. Here are the pictures! I love you simmie!! Lolx.
Thank you so very much!!!!

The package!

This really cute black sheep. Hmmmmm.
oh. I lazy to rotate the picture. so ya. Lolx

Victoria Secret Bag?
I like it.
Cause I like the shape~~

And a whole lot of lip gloss, body gel and such!
Love it~
Smells nice~~

And now a pressie from Chucky!
Babi sial. You put the pandaness.
Luckily the postman no say anything.

I ter tore the middle part.
Hehe. I was excited la k.

My mouse!!!!!!!
ANd loads of lollies~
Thank You Chucky for me birthday pressie!

Look look! Isn't it cute!!!
My lovely baby.
My new baby!
I have soooo many babies now.

Look! Look! All pink!
Pink tissue box.
Pink Bible!
Pink Marshiemellows.
Pink Hairband.
My laptop featuring my Pink Blog.
My other baby.
My Pink PSP!

Tried to take with my blog too. But can't really see the pinkness of it.

Now I just need a pink laptop, pink phone, pink ipod, pink headset, pink camera and um. Other pink stuff?


I feel so pink.

I feel like my birthday pressies never ends. Weeeeee~

I like pink pink stuff~

Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm feeling all kind of weird feelings right now. And I hate it so badly. Seriously. I really want to go home. And kill these bloody feelings that I have now. Ish Ish. Back to being emo. Ohz. Emoz me. Lolx.

Emonemo. -.-

Forgot who said that. Kok Lim? Was it? I don't remember.

Can someone come and kill my feelings for me. So I won't know how to feel anymore. Yay!
But no. Ok. Just the feelings that I'm feeling now la ok.

I don't feel like blogging.

I feel empty too.

Hahahahhaha. Oh no. My blog now don't suit my emo mood la! Plus that additional song I added in for fun! Joewin la. Send me that song. Laughed my ass off. And it totally suit the pinkness of my blog. And babi Annette calling me a bimbo. Babiness!

oh ya. I'm supposed to take picture of what Simone sent me! My birthday pressies!!!! But now. Too sleepy and tired de.

After I got back. I had to meet my housemate to pay my rent. And after that. Went for lunch. Then I waited for Elaine. She had a class. One hour class. So I thought I'll wait for her. Then walk back together since I don't have my house keys. So ok.

And not only that. I walked EVERYWHERE WITH MY BAGS!!!!! You know how heavy my laptop is. Argh. Plus my small luggage bag. Their heavy!!!! Aih.

Sleepy. Ok. I think I should sleep de then. Tiredness.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Continuation from the other post. Too lazy to upload pics. Wanna see some. You can go to chelle or annie's blog. Or of cause. There's facebook!

Basically. First time we were on time in getting ready. And went off to this club called Metra. Nice place. Nice songs. The sex on the beach there was nice. As in the drink la. Not so nice crowd. I got really pissed off with some of the guys. We even shouted at them to F Off. But nooooo. They still coming at us. And then one really talked to Annette. And she screamed at his face to F off. Hahahaha. Super funny la. We had to run around the dance floor and the club to get rid off the guys.

Shitty la. Not going back there any more. We will stick to Roadhouse for now. Such a waste of money to go to Metra. But what the heck. Gotta try it to know it.
Came home. Snapped more pictures. Then sleep.

15th February 2009

Woke up super early. Ok. Super early for us since we slept quite late. Chelle's mum took us for more dim sum!! Weeeee! Ate so much. I'm seriously getting fatter. I am going to diet loads when I get back.

After makan. Went shopping. More like Chelle of cause. Cause obviously, her mum is there. So they went shopping. We went to so many shops. Chelle wanted to get Ugg boots. But we had to queue just to get in. So F that. She bought so many stuff. Me and Nette hate her guts now. Lolx. Cause we just followed her and whining cause we can't get to shop.

And not only that. Annette got me a DKNY bag for me. And they forgot to take the sensor out of my bag. I didn't know. I only found out when we were having Dim Sum. Bugger. Every store we went in and out.

*teet* *teet*

MCH. Lolx. Chelle mum said I had to walk away from them. So everywhere me and Annie walked in the store and out. I had to like show my bag. Or just walked off casually and just pretend it wasn't us. Lolx. I mean, there were a lot others who got stopped but not us. Lolx. Funny sial. Now I don't know what to do with the bloody sensor man. It's either I have to freaking tear it out of my bag or go to DKNY to get them to get it out for me.

So the mafan ness. Aish.

After all that shopping. Went to have some cupcake and chocolate slushie. Lolx. Chelle and Nette was like, you and your cold stuff. First it was ice cream now ice cold slushie in this weather. What to do. I like it! I mean. It's fun to have cold stuff when you're cold and hot stuff when you're hot.

Came home from shopping. Hating Chelle the whole way. Lolx. Oh And Annette was damn smitten on this pair of boots in River Island which costs like freaking £85! But there was like £25 discount. But STILL! Damn xxx man. But she still wants it. So see how the next few days if she still wants it. I would get it if it was cheaper. But too exp. Aih.

Chilled awhile and then freaked out cause we had 2 and a half hour to get ready. Before dinner at Nobu! We got ready so damn fast that we actually had like another 2o minutes to chill. -.-
We snap pictures also like damn lazy de. So watched a lil of Friends. >.<

Got to Nobu in the end. The place is quite posh like. Quite. Service was ok. But it was too damn noisy to really make conversations cause it was hard to hear. And we couldn't hear the waiters when they brought our order and stuff. The food was ok too. I think I would still just enjoy eating at a sushi bar. Lolx. But the dessert was omgness. Yummylicious.

Paid and went to collect our coats. We got into the cab when I realized that they didn't give me back my cardigan. Just my coat. So went back and asked for it. The girl went to look for it like 4 times and said she couldn't find it. So I left my details so if they found it. They could just call me up and stuff.

Got back feeling a lil down. But oh well. It's just a cardi. I could get another one. Then I felt my skirt. Hahahahahahahahahaha. I was sorta still wearing it. It was in between my coat and me. Hahahahahahhaha. Damn funny la.

Came home and drank loads more while I load the pictures in fb plus blog. Damn man. Crazy la. Drink so much. All thanks to Chelle. The nutsy one.

16th February 2009

Was feeling sick when I got up. And I only woke up at around 1 something. So I couldn't go back. Ate panadol. Rest awhile then Chelle and Nette dragged me out for some shopping. Urgh.
Was feeling sickish till we got to Primark. I was revived. Cause I saw this coat. And weeeeeee.

1 new coat
1 new boots
2 new belts
A bunch of hairbands.

After that. Back into sickish mode. Urgh. Damn sad wei.

But I'm happy with my coat!!!!!! Weeeeeeeee!

Bought Jagermeister from Selfridges. More drinking tonight. And I'm sick. Damnit. Ok.

Drop off the shopping bags. Rested awhile. Got out to shop for dinner. Grocery.
Cooked spaghetti. I cooked it!
And. And. Um. Hehe.

We were eating halfway. When Annie screamed. Omg Amanda! WTF! There's PAPER!!!!
I'm like. WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!
Got meh??
And we started laughing. I kept laughing. Couldn't stop. Cause I didn't know. THERE WASNT ANY PAPER WHEN I COOK.
Then Chelle said No wonder la! I kept chewing and chewing. And I thought it was the onions. I thought why so hard to eat. Then so hard to swallow.

Hahahahahhaha/. In the end she swallowed it.
Hahahahahhha. My special ingredients. Paper! Hahahahahahahhahaha. They were like. Nice nice all. Lolx. Funny la.

Lolx. Anyway, we didn't know what to do. Cause it was like onlu 8.30pm. So we decided to watch SLEEPING BEAUTY! It was a bad move. Stupid love stories. Stupid cartoon. Make us feel so depressed.
Then we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast.
Damn shit wei!!!! Whats with Disney and all these love stories la. So sad and lovey dovey. And we here lacking all these crap. Waaaaaaah.

We're gonna drown our sorrows in alcohol now. -.-

Monday, February 16, 2009

london posts

13th Feb 2009

Continued from the other post where I had to go off drinking. Omg. Drank so much. Chelle is crazy. Haha. I guess its cause of Malaysia after effect. We played the hand game. Where we yell out 5,10 or 15, all or nothing. That stupid game. And guess what. I kept losing. Mch. Like wtf wei. Hahaha. I'm supposed to be good in that and I keep losing to Chelle. Argh.
After that. We played poker. Chelle calls it poker shots. Lolx. We bet by sips or whole shot or whatever. Can die wei. Seriously. As you can see in the pictures. Lolx. There was one I just bet two shots only. Gone la. We didn't open our cards. Just open until the river hand. Woot. I dieded la. lolx.

One of the shots.

I lost this to Chelle. Damnit man.

And she lost this to me. Lolx.
Damn funny seriously.
Cause we just didnt open our cards and just went with it.

Not much alcohol content. Like 15% only? But still it was crazy. Cause we were drinking beer at first. I can't stand beer like this. Bloody gassy. After finishing off the beer. We just went and open the Apple Sourz. SHOTS. In less than an hour, we've gone and finish it. Ok. Not the whole bottle. But there's like 1/4 left. So it's fine. We were so tipsy de. I was. I couldn't stand or walk properly.
Lolx. Then I went and puke. As usual. But not much also.

Oh well.

14th February 2009

Woke up around 8 something. Cause my alarm rang. And I couldn't get back to sleep. I stayed awake till like 10am. So I was like. Fuck it la. Get up only. Got up. Online awhile. Then Chelle woke up. I started watching Hercules. Then Chelle joined me. Lolx. I like Hercules. Especially the part where Meg starts singing the "I won't say I'm in Love". Love that song! I realized it's not in my playlist. Out of all the songs I have. I have like um...11 plus gig of songs. AND I DON'T HAVE THAT SONG.
I THOUGHT I HAD IT!! Babiness. Anyway. While I waited for Chelle. I camwhored a bit. Before going out. Lolx. Had Quiche for lunch. Chelle had Spaghetti at this cafe. Went for some grocery shopping. More like alcohol shopping. Lolx.

After shopping. Came home. I fell asleep. Damn tired wei. Woke up and fetched Annie. Lolx. Damn funny. Cause we were supposed to drink the Apple Sourz with her. But we sorta like finished it. And we called her to buy another one cause we couldn't look for it anywhere. She was like. You bitch you bitch. Lolx.

Got her from the station. We actually passed her at the station. Lolx. As usual. The usual screaming running hugging thing. Lolx. Went and bought the Millie's Cookies. Yumness!

There's like all kind of flavours. But I only eat the chocolate chip cookies. I know. I'm boring. Hehe.
Came home. Rest awhile. Then had to start cooking de. For our Valentine Dinner!! Annie did the most. I made the brown sauce and the oxtail soup. And Chelle just teman the boyfriend. Boringness. Lolx.

Had de most wonderfullness dinner. Yumness again. >.<

Looking for cups. Making sauce.

Before. Look Yummy hor!
And we had Champagne!!

The after.

The before. Someone said that they looked like they were making a porn video.
Like wth.

Too bad the pictures were so blur.

This dress is a bday pressie from Annie.
I ish loving You!!!!
I actually always wanted one something like this.

Ok. I ish too lazy de. I will continue tomorrow. Feeling tipsy de. Chelle crazy. Drink drink. aih.
k. Night night!



And you were saying you're not a small boy when this picture was like just last year only. Lolx! Small Boy Joewin!!!
Ok. I gotta admit. This picture you look kinda cute la k. I mean adorable cute. Not good looking cute. Please ah. ANd with that big teddy bear. Aih aih.

It shouts SmallBoyJoewin! >.<

Chelle still <3 you tho~ Lolx.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Me time in London

Woke up at 11am today. Had to go to Uni to meet me lecturer to discuss my freaking "special project". My bloody dissertation. Which is freaking freaking pissing me off. >.<
So anyway, after talking to her for like half an hour or so? She said she liked my laptop and asked if I can find it online so she could buy it too. Lolx.
Well. Don't know if I can. Too lazy now. But anyway.
After meeting with my lecturer. Went for lunch with Elaine before I head off to London. Had lunch at that lebanese restaurant again. >.<
We had something else than those shawarmas. Yummy!!!

My orange juice. I don't normally drink orange juice.

This is my something meat
with 3 types of salad and mash potatoes!

Elaine something meat thingy in some sauce and mash potatoes!

Her Mango juice.
Me no likey mango

After lunch. Went off to the watch shop to get my V-Day pressie from Stan. Lolx. Whaaaat. It's nice ok! Got a swatch watch! And thank you thank you!!!

See! It's nice with the flower thingy on the face.

My phone ish so awesome. Aih.

And ya. There's flower prints on the strap too.
Nice huh! Lolx
Its been awhile since I've worn a watch. About a year de.

Had Budweiser with Chelle.
I drank like one can and I'm like.
I can't drink beer for nuts man. She la. We went to tesco and bought loads of beer. Like one pack of beer has 4 cans. We bought 2 pack and those big bottle of Tiger beer.
So we only had 3 beers. One each and the other one we shared. Lolx. Cause I couldn't take it de.
I can't drink beer la. I can handle hard liquor better. >.<

Next morning. Ok. More like afternoon. Went to have Dim Sum for lunch.
Went to Chinatown at Leicester Square.
She thought of walking the whole way there. Babi. Damn far.
So we took the buss.
Hehe. She look kinda stone.

And I look like crap! Thank you Chelle for the wonderful picture!

My phone made it look so delicious! It is obviously.
But I still prefer Manchester's one.
Those were awesome!!!
After lunch. Went to the chinese supermarket.
Bought Maggie Mee!!!! WEeeeee~
And I saw HELLO PANDA!!!!!!

Came home to drop off the groceries.
And went for shisha nearby!!!!
She was smsing her boyfriend.
Which she is so proud of.
Omg. Joewin I will kill you when I meet you.
She has been non-stop talking about you.
And driving me crazy with her saying boyfriend. Hahahahaha.
But I still love you Chelle.
Not you Joe!!!
Small BOY!!!!

The awesome Shisha!

And the charcoal here.
I was the one changing the charcoal all.
While tht babi Chelle sms sms sms.

Oh oh. My Latte~
Chelle is such an awesome photographer la I tell you.
It was freaking cold lo!!!!!!
The hot drink got cold so the fast lo.
My ass was freezing cause I was just wearing what they call a Boyfriend shirt with leggings only. So my ass was freezing in the seat. Waaaaaah.

But I miss the shisha-ing and stuff. Remind me so much of Malaysia. I want to go back!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaah. Why la. Why la. I want to go back. -.- *sniff* *sniff* Ishness.
And now. Babi Chelle gonna make me drink again. MORE BEER. She wants to drink every night man. I'm so gonna die staying here. Lolx. But I've not been drinking much. So its ok. And I won't be drinking much the next few months or so.

Oh oh!! The Killers are coming to London!!!!! ON the 23rd and the 24th of Feb!!!!!! I want to go. But its like 50 plus pounds. So not going. But maybe we are going to go for Fall Out Boy's one which is on the 6th of March. SOOOOOOOOOO wanna go for that. Anyone wanna pay for me? As er..erm..Late birthday gift or Early Christmas pressie??? Hehe.

Off ta drink. -.-

*mwah* *mwah*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've been Pink'd

Yesh! My blog is pink~ Pink~ Pink~ Just wanted a change from the emo depressing me. And have a lil change and show a lil bit of my other side. All thanks to Mildred and Phyo. -.-

But I've always liked pink besides black. So. Shhhhh* Its a secret ok!

I actually hated pink cause of Hello Kitty. I still hate that stupid pink cat. But anyway. Thats not the point. This morning. When I got up and switched my laptop on. I was shocked when I saw my blog. I totally forgot that I changed the blogskin. Lolx. So ya. So I was bloody shocked by the pinkness of it. Hehe.

And oh. The songs. Its temporary you know. Cause well. I heard this song. And it reminded me of all those old pop songs. So ya. This are some I remembered of last time. But anyway. Its gonna be up for awhile maybe a week or two. Or when I myself can't stand it anymore. Then it will be back to ze old jap songs. >.<

Well. Had Pizza Hut for lunch and dinner today after shopping. We ordered quite a lot for just the both of us. So ya. Lolx. Just see pictures ok?

We had Nachos! For starters.
It was not bad.
Haven't had Nachos in such a long time.
And Elaine never had it before.
So I ordered it so that she well, can try it of cause!

And each of us had two garlic bread.
And it doesn't taste garlicky at all lo!
Grandma makes better garlic bread than this!!
Ok. I now miss the garlic butter grandma makes.
I want!!

And of cus refillable drinks!
Was too full to refill mine.

And and.
LARGE Hawaiian Pizza, stuffed crust AND
Extra cheese!!!
Soooo cheesy.
Oh. Elaine never had stuffed crust too.
So of cause. We ordered that.
And they would only have stuffed crust for large pizzas.
So we ordered large.
Ya well.

Ok. I didn't get this from Pizza Hut.
But well, I was coming out from the library.
After I borrowed a book. Which I reserved.
Anyway, it was for Valentines Day.
Yes. It's a condom.
And its flavoured.
Its. Cool Mint.

So ya. Hahaha. Seriously. Its funny cause its Cool Mint condom. Wth. Hahaha. Aih. So anyway. If you guys get too sick of my songs here. Just let me know. Then I'll take it down and put up my jap songs back alright?

So anyway. Off ta bed. Need to go see my lecturer tomorrow and off to London after that!! I can't wait!!! Gonna be there and back on Monday morning for class. Wanted to come back on Sunday. But since Chelle told me about her mum wanting to take us to some Jap restaurant in Mayfair! So ya. >.<
Life is good. For now.

Argh. Still need to work!!!! Ok.

London. London. I'm happy! >.<