Saturday, February 14, 2009

Me time in London

Woke up at 11am today. Had to go to Uni to meet me lecturer to discuss my freaking "special project". My bloody dissertation. Which is freaking freaking pissing me off. >.<
So anyway, after talking to her for like half an hour or so? She said she liked my laptop and asked if I can find it online so she could buy it too. Lolx.
Well. Don't know if I can. Too lazy now. But anyway.
After meeting with my lecturer. Went for lunch with Elaine before I head off to London. Had lunch at that lebanese restaurant again. >.<
We had something else than those shawarmas. Yummy!!!

My orange juice. I don't normally drink orange juice.

This is my something meat
with 3 types of salad and mash potatoes!

Elaine something meat thingy in some sauce and mash potatoes!

Her Mango juice.
Me no likey mango

After lunch. Went off to the watch shop to get my V-Day pressie from Stan. Lolx. Whaaaat. It's nice ok! Got a swatch watch! And thank you thank you!!!

See! It's nice with the flower thingy on the face.

My phone ish so awesome. Aih.

And ya. There's flower prints on the strap too.
Nice huh! Lolx
Its been awhile since I've worn a watch. About a year de.

Had Budweiser with Chelle.
I drank like one can and I'm like.
I can't drink beer for nuts man. She la. We went to tesco and bought loads of beer. Like one pack of beer has 4 cans. We bought 2 pack and those big bottle of Tiger beer.
So we only had 3 beers. One each and the other one we shared. Lolx. Cause I couldn't take it de.
I can't drink beer la. I can handle hard liquor better. >.<

Next morning. Ok. More like afternoon. Went to have Dim Sum for lunch.
Went to Chinatown at Leicester Square.
She thought of walking the whole way there. Babi. Damn far.
So we took the buss.
Hehe. She look kinda stone.

And I look like crap! Thank you Chelle for the wonderful picture!

My phone made it look so delicious! It is obviously.
But I still prefer Manchester's one.
Those were awesome!!!
After lunch. Went to the chinese supermarket.
Bought Maggie Mee!!!! WEeeeee~
And I saw HELLO PANDA!!!!!!

Came home to drop off the groceries.
And went for shisha nearby!!!!
She was smsing her boyfriend.
Which she is so proud of.
Omg. Joewin I will kill you when I meet you.
She has been non-stop talking about you.
And driving me crazy with her saying boyfriend. Hahahahaha.
But I still love you Chelle.
Not you Joe!!!
Small BOY!!!!

The awesome Shisha!

And the charcoal here.
I was the one changing the charcoal all.
While tht babi Chelle sms sms sms.

Oh oh. My Latte~
Chelle is such an awesome photographer la I tell you.
It was freaking cold lo!!!!!!
The hot drink got cold so the fast lo.
My ass was freezing cause I was just wearing what they call a Boyfriend shirt with leggings only. So my ass was freezing in the seat. Waaaaaah.

But I miss the shisha-ing and stuff. Remind me so much of Malaysia. I want to go back!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaah. Why la. Why la. I want to go back. -.- *sniff* *sniff* Ishness.
And now. Babi Chelle gonna make me drink again. MORE BEER. She wants to drink every night man. I'm so gonna die staying here. Lolx. But I've not been drinking much. So its ok. And I won't be drinking much the next few months or so.

Oh oh!! The Killers are coming to London!!!!! ON the 23rd and the 24th of Feb!!!!!! I want to go. But its like 50 plus pounds. So not going. But maybe we are going to go for Fall Out Boy's one which is on the 6th of March. SOOOOOOOOOO wanna go for that. Anyone wanna pay for me? As er..erm..Late birthday gift or Early Christmas pressie??? Hehe.

Off ta drink. -.-

*mwah* *mwah*

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