Monday, February 2, 2009

Me day~

So. This morning. Was supposed to get up around 10 and leave the house around 10.30am. Ta go grocery shopping. But we were gonna stop at Arndale. The shopping centre for breakfast first then only to Sainsbury which is like quite a distance to walk. But I like grocery shopping there cause its bigger and so much more nicer stuff.

Anyway. Instead. We got up around 12 and left only at around 1. It was freaking windy and cold. It was like -1 when we left. And plus the wind. Omg. The wind yesternight was freaking strong. You can hear it going "OoOOoOoOoOOo", *sob* damn scary you know.
Anyway, I was thinking on the way. Why don't we have kebab instead of sandwiches ya know. So ya. We came to this restaurant called er...crap. I don't know what is it called.
But anyway. They had shisha! But it costs about £7.50 ya know! I can almost have more than 4 of that in Malaysia. Aih.

So ya. Went to makan Lamb Shawarma. Yumz! Damn delicious. >.<

Elaine was taking loads of pictures of the restaurant.

But I lazy. So I just took her taking pictures of other stuff. Lolx.

Me Lamb Shawarma! Yumness!

After that. We took a picture of the shop.
Can you see me?
I wanted to do some pose
But there were people walking pass.
So. Didnt.
Embarrassing la!

After makaning. Went off ta Sainsbury for our shopping! Super windy man! And we had to walk on the bridge. Lagi windy. Cause you know. We ish like higher up there or something. >.< Freaking cold lo! Luckily I wore a jacket with a hoodie. Or not my ears can say bye bye de.

We bought soooo much stuff man. We went crazy over ham and drinks. Two fruit juice. And Elaine wanted this Lime cordial drink cause the bottle looked cool or something. Lolx. And and. We spend like most of our time smelling fabric softeners. Lolx. My nose too can go bye bye de.

Smell so many different ones. Omg. Like stuck de. So we settled for a lavender one. Damn nice. My whole house was filled with the smell cause I did my laundry.

Got home. Omg. Damn heavy lo my bag. Cause we brought backpack. Ok. More like my laptop bag. But anyway. Ya. My back was aching the whole way. Seriously. Diededness. ANd oh. It snowed when we were about to reach home. Elaine was like. What's all these dirty stuff flying around. I laughed and said "It's snow la!" Hahahaha.
Well. Oh. I changed my bedsheets and stuff. And I just HAD to take a picture. Cause it's so pwweeeeeeetty! See! See! I'm so full of love~ >.<

Pweeetty right! So heartsy~
Told ya I like hearts stuff. No idea why.
Ask Lizzie!
My books are filled with it.
So anyway...

Showered and stuff. Then. I had ta cook! Yes. Me. Amanda Hiew. Yin Mei. Cooked! Spaghetti only la. No biggie. But it turned out alright. >.<

oooooh Cheeeeessy~

See. It looks fine.
And it tasted ok too.
>.< style="text-align: left;">Oh Oh. And then around like I don't know what time. It snowed!!! So. Went out to take some pictures. But I was too lazy to take. Cause Cause. I was lazy la! Tomorrow la! Wanna make snowman. >.<

Me footprints!!
Oh. When I went back up.
About half an hour later?
It was covered with snow de!

It was getting on my pants.
Its my pj's ok!

Oooooh. Schnow~

I was looking for something to write with.
And all I could find was the mop.
So ya.
And Elaine MUST take my picture.

It was cold. So cincai la!
You see.
I wearing slippers only k.
Sho cold liao~

Okie. Thats about it? Snowman tomorrow~ Weeeeee~
And more spaghetti for lunch! There's damn a lot leftover. Oooooh. Oh ya. Gotta get up early to go to uni. Need to borrow books for reference and shit. Argh.
Rubbish sial. Oh well.

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