Monday, February 16, 2009

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13th Feb 2009

Continued from the other post where I had to go off drinking. Omg. Drank so much. Chelle is crazy. Haha. I guess its cause of Malaysia after effect. We played the hand game. Where we yell out 5,10 or 15, all or nothing. That stupid game. And guess what. I kept losing. Mch. Like wtf wei. Hahaha. I'm supposed to be good in that and I keep losing to Chelle. Argh.
After that. We played poker. Chelle calls it poker shots. Lolx. We bet by sips or whole shot or whatever. Can die wei. Seriously. As you can see in the pictures. Lolx. There was one I just bet two shots only. Gone la. We didn't open our cards. Just open until the river hand. Woot. I dieded la. lolx.

One of the shots.

I lost this to Chelle. Damnit man.

And she lost this to me. Lolx.
Damn funny seriously.
Cause we just didnt open our cards and just went with it.

Not much alcohol content. Like 15% only? But still it was crazy. Cause we were drinking beer at first. I can't stand beer like this. Bloody gassy. After finishing off the beer. We just went and open the Apple Sourz. SHOTS. In less than an hour, we've gone and finish it. Ok. Not the whole bottle. But there's like 1/4 left. So it's fine. We were so tipsy de. I was. I couldn't stand or walk properly.
Lolx. Then I went and puke. As usual. But not much also.

Oh well.

14th February 2009

Woke up around 8 something. Cause my alarm rang. And I couldn't get back to sleep. I stayed awake till like 10am. So I was like. Fuck it la. Get up only. Got up. Online awhile. Then Chelle woke up. I started watching Hercules. Then Chelle joined me. Lolx. I like Hercules. Especially the part where Meg starts singing the "I won't say I'm in Love". Love that song! I realized it's not in my playlist. Out of all the songs I have. I have like um...11 plus gig of songs. AND I DON'T HAVE THAT SONG.
I THOUGHT I HAD IT!! Babiness. Anyway. While I waited for Chelle. I camwhored a bit. Before going out. Lolx. Had Quiche for lunch. Chelle had Spaghetti at this cafe. Went for some grocery shopping. More like alcohol shopping. Lolx.

After shopping. Came home. I fell asleep. Damn tired wei. Woke up and fetched Annie. Lolx. Damn funny. Cause we were supposed to drink the Apple Sourz with her. But we sorta like finished it. And we called her to buy another one cause we couldn't look for it anywhere. She was like. You bitch you bitch. Lolx.

Got her from the station. We actually passed her at the station. Lolx. As usual. The usual screaming running hugging thing. Lolx. Went and bought the Millie's Cookies. Yumness!

There's like all kind of flavours. But I only eat the chocolate chip cookies. I know. I'm boring. Hehe.
Came home. Rest awhile. Then had to start cooking de. For our Valentine Dinner!! Annie did the most. I made the brown sauce and the oxtail soup. And Chelle just teman the boyfriend. Boringness. Lolx.

Had de most wonderfullness dinner. Yumness again. >.<

Looking for cups. Making sauce.

Before. Look Yummy hor!
And we had Champagne!!

The after.

The before. Someone said that they looked like they were making a porn video.
Like wth.

Too bad the pictures were so blur.

This dress is a bday pressie from Annie.
I ish loving You!!!!
I actually always wanted one something like this.

Ok. I ish too lazy de. I will continue tomorrow. Feeling tipsy de. Chelle crazy. Drink drink. aih.
k. Night night!


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