Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've been Pink'd

Yesh! My blog is pink~ Pink~ Pink~ Just wanted a change from the emo depressing me. And have a lil change and show a lil bit of my other side. All thanks to Mildred and Phyo. -.-

But I've always liked pink besides black. So. Shhhhh* Its a secret ok!

I actually hated pink cause of Hello Kitty. I still hate that stupid pink cat. But anyway. Thats not the point. This morning. When I got up and switched my laptop on. I was shocked when I saw my blog. I totally forgot that I changed the blogskin. Lolx. So ya. So I was bloody shocked by the pinkness of it. Hehe.

And oh. The songs. Its temporary you know. Cause well. I heard this song. And it reminded me of all those old pop songs. So ya. This are some I remembered of last time. But anyway. Its gonna be up for awhile maybe a week or two. Or when I myself can't stand it anymore. Then it will be back to ze old jap songs. >.<

Well. Had Pizza Hut for lunch and dinner today after shopping. We ordered quite a lot for just the both of us. So ya. Lolx. Just see pictures ok?

We had Nachos! For starters.
It was not bad.
Haven't had Nachos in such a long time.
And Elaine never had it before.
So I ordered it so that she well, can try it of cause!

And each of us had two garlic bread.
And it doesn't taste garlicky at all lo!
Grandma makes better garlic bread than this!!
Ok. I now miss the garlic butter grandma makes.
I want!!

And of cus refillable drinks!
Was too full to refill mine.

And and.
LARGE Hawaiian Pizza, stuffed crust AND
Extra cheese!!!
Soooo cheesy.
Oh. Elaine never had stuffed crust too.
So of cause. We ordered that.
And they would only have stuffed crust for large pizzas.
So we ordered large.
Ya well.

Ok. I didn't get this from Pizza Hut.
But well, I was coming out from the library.
After I borrowed a book. Which I reserved.
Anyway, it was for Valentines Day.
Yes. It's a condom.
And its flavoured.
Its. Cool Mint.

So ya. Hahaha. Seriously. Its funny cause its Cool Mint condom. Wth. Hahaha. Aih. So anyway. If you guys get too sick of my songs here. Just let me know. Then I'll take it down and put up my jap songs back alright?

So anyway. Off ta bed. Need to go see my lecturer tomorrow and off to London after that!! I can't wait!!! Gonna be there and back on Monday morning for class. Wanted to come back on Sunday. But since Chelle told me about her mum wanting to take us to some Jap restaurant in Mayfair! So ya. >.<
Life is good. For now.

Argh. Still need to work!!!! Ok.

London. London. I'm happy! >.<

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