Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Continuation from the other post. Too lazy to upload pics. Wanna see some. You can go to chelle or annie's blog. Or of cause. There's facebook!

Basically. First time we were on time in getting ready. And went off to this club called Metra. Nice place. Nice songs. The sex on the beach there was nice. As in the drink la. Not so nice crowd. I got really pissed off with some of the guys. We even shouted at them to F Off. But nooooo. They still coming at us. And then one really talked to Annette. And she screamed at his face to F off. Hahahaha. Super funny la. We had to run around the dance floor and the club to get rid off the guys.

Shitty la. Not going back there any more. We will stick to Roadhouse for now. Such a waste of money to go to Metra. But what the heck. Gotta try it to know it.
Came home. Snapped more pictures. Then sleep.

15th February 2009

Woke up super early. Ok. Super early for us since we slept quite late. Chelle's mum took us for more dim sum!! Weeeee! Ate so much. I'm seriously getting fatter. I am going to diet loads when I get back.

After makan. Went shopping. More like Chelle of cause. Cause obviously, her mum is there. So they went shopping. We went to so many shops. Chelle wanted to get Ugg boots. But we had to queue just to get in. So F that. She bought so many stuff. Me and Nette hate her guts now. Lolx. Cause we just followed her and whining cause we can't get to shop.

And not only that. Annette got me a DKNY bag for me. And they forgot to take the sensor out of my bag. I didn't know. I only found out when we were having Dim Sum. Bugger. Every store we went in and out.

*teet* *teet*

MCH. Lolx. Chelle mum said I had to walk away from them. So everywhere me and Annie walked in the store and out. I had to like show my bag. Or just walked off casually and just pretend it wasn't us. Lolx. I mean, there were a lot others who got stopped but not us. Lolx. Funny sial. Now I don't know what to do with the bloody sensor man. It's either I have to freaking tear it out of my bag or go to DKNY to get them to get it out for me.

So the mafan ness. Aish.

After all that shopping. Went to have some cupcake and chocolate slushie. Lolx. Chelle and Nette was like, you and your cold stuff. First it was ice cream now ice cold slushie in this weather. What to do. I like it! I mean. It's fun to have cold stuff when you're cold and hot stuff when you're hot.

Came home from shopping. Hating Chelle the whole way. Lolx. Oh And Annette was damn smitten on this pair of boots in River Island which costs like freaking £85! But there was like £25 discount. But STILL! Damn xxx man. But she still wants it. So see how the next few days if she still wants it. I would get it if it was cheaper. But too exp. Aih.

Chilled awhile and then freaked out cause we had 2 and a half hour to get ready. Before dinner at Nobu! We got ready so damn fast that we actually had like another 2o minutes to chill. -.-
We snap pictures also like damn lazy de. So watched a lil of Friends. >.<

Got to Nobu in the end. The place is quite posh like. Quite. Service was ok. But it was too damn noisy to really make conversations cause it was hard to hear. And we couldn't hear the waiters when they brought our order and stuff. The food was ok too. I think I would still just enjoy eating at a sushi bar. Lolx. But the dessert was omgness. Yummylicious.

Paid and went to collect our coats. We got into the cab when I realized that they didn't give me back my cardigan. Just my coat. So went back and asked for it. The girl went to look for it like 4 times and said she couldn't find it. So I left my details so if they found it. They could just call me up and stuff.

Got back feeling a lil down. But oh well. It's just a cardi. I could get another one. Then I felt my skirt. Hahahahahahahahahaha. I was sorta still wearing it. It was in between my coat and me. Hahahahahahhaha. Damn funny la.

Came home and drank loads more while I load the pictures in fb plus blog. Damn man. Crazy la. Drink so much. All thanks to Chelle. The nutsy one.

16th February 2009

Was feeling sick when I got up. And I only woke up at around 1 something. So I couldn't go back. Ate panadol. Rest awhile then Chelle and Nette dragged me out for some shopping. Urgh.
Was feeling sickish till we got to Primark. I was revived. Cause I saw this coat. And weeeeeee.

1 new coat
1 new boots
2 new belts
A bunch of hairbands.

After that. Back into sickish mode. Urgh. Damn sad wei.

But I'm happy with my coat!!!!!! Weeeeeeeee!

Bought Jagermeister from Selfridges. More drinking tonight. And I'm sick. Damnit. Ok.

Drop off the shopping bags. Rested awhile. Got out to shop for dinner. Grocery.
Cooked spaghetti. I cooked it!
And. And. Um. Hehe.

We were eating halfway. When Annie screamed. Omg Amanda! WTF! There's PAPER!!!!
I'm like. WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!
Got meh??
And we started laughing. I kept laughing. Couldn't stop. Cause I didn't know. THERE WASNT ANY PAPER WHEN I COOK.
Then Chelle said No wonder la! I kept chewing and chewing. And I thought it was the onions. I thought why so hard to eat. Then so hard to swallow.

Hahahahahhaha/. In the end she swallowed it.
Hahahahahhha. My special ingredients. Paper! Hahahahahahahhahaha. They were like. Nice nice all. Lolx. Funny la.

Lolx. Anyway, we didn't know what to do. Cause it was like onlu 8.30pm. So we decided to watch SLEEPING BEAUTY! It was a bad move. Stupid love stories. Stupid cartoon. Make us feel so depressed.
Then we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast.
Damn shit wei!!!! Whats with Disney and all these love stories la. So sad and lovey dovey. And we here lacking all these crap. Waaaaaaah.

We're gonna drown our sorrows in alcohol now. -.-

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