Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Went clubbing last night. Ok. Um. On a Monday night. Ya. I know. Who the heck goes clubbing on a Monday night. But apparently there ARE people who clubs on Monday night! And there are a bunch of cuties too~ It was at this club called Liquid. The place was not bad. Big dance floor. But the drinks. Still. I can't get my favourite drink. Aih. But. I still had fun.

Danced a lot. And there was this girl from china with her friend as well. Mei Ting knew her. I thought she was hot. I don't mind being a lesbian cause of her. Rawr* Hopefully she is though. Then I'll just date girls. Guys are just too. Um. Troublesome. Wait. Girls are worse. Oh what the heck. She's hot. >.< Hahaha.

So anyway. Those two girls. They were always dancing. So I danced with them as well. Cause my bunch of friends didn't dance much. They did. But when they sit down. I wanted to dance still. So ya. Went off to the China girls. And later on a bunch of china peeps came. Their friends. One of 'em was a Malaysian. And this other girl she asked me in Mandarin. You are from Malaysia right? And I'm like thinking. Oh fuck. I don't understand Mandarin. But oh what the heck. She said Malaysia. So it must be something like that and I nod my head. And apparently there was this other guy who was from Malaysia as well. And guess what. We chat in Malay! -.-
Ya well. He can't speak english. I can't speak Mandarin. So ya. Malay! -.-

And they thought he was hitting on me or something. So took a picture with him. Still funny cause we chatted in Malay. Though I don't remember what did we talk about too. ANd I'm not sure if whatever said was right too. Haha. So anyway. Danced the whole night. Only stopped when I went to get a drink. But I was drinking and dancing too. Hmmmm. Ya so. Oh yea. I went with Celing, Mei Ting, Tian Hao and Wen Xi.

Me and Celine. It was blur cause I was using night mode.
And my hand shook.
So ya.

Mei Ting and Tian Hao

Celine and Wen Xi.
Oh this is when I used flash.
SO ya.

I was feeling hungry and tired.
And my ulcer was still killing me at that time.

Tian Hao um. Dancing and rubbing his ass
with this other guy.
I don't remember his name.
He can speak Malay and Mndarin.
He kept saying Apa Khabar.
ANd said.
Saya celaka.
Oh well.

When we got home. It was snowing.
The cab couldn't get up.
So we had to walk.

So I took one of myself too.

The wind was super strong la k.
ANd see!
The snow!
It got into my mouth.
Cause well.
The wind WAS blowing at my direction.
So ya.

Look look!
Our footsteps~
But it just snowed a lil only.
So boring.
We were hoping it will snow so damn hard
that the campus will close down.

I is pink?

Have I gone fatter?
oh well.

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