Monday, February 9, 2009


oooh oooh! I made porridge! I'm so proud of meself. Haha. Elaine had scallops! So she added that in and I asked her to cut some carrots to add it in too. We wanted to add potatoes too. But Elaine was lazy to cut any. So. Another time. I didn't know I made so much. So now this can last us for a few days. This is just for the two of us. Lolx.

I had to cook porridge cause my whole entire left side of my mouth is like full of ulcer till my left side of my throat. So its super hard to eat. I cant even brush my teeth! I mean. Still can. But it's super hard. The bites I take is so small that a freaking baby eats more than me. I feel so jealous of babies now. From now on I'm gonna be so thankful how big bites I can take. *sob* I can't do that now. It's so hard to open my mouth.
I can't laugh. Swallowing my saliva is hard. WAAAAAAh!

I want my normal mouth back. I hate this.
I feel like throwing a whole bag of salt in my mouth. Or from now on I will just eat salt.


Ok. No. But I really feel like throwing a whole bag of salt. AND KILL THE ULCER!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ok. This ulcer is killing me. I can't feel my mouth. Its so painful till I'm super numb de.


Classes starts tomorrow!

And from now on.


2pm to 5pm on Monday
2pm to 4pm on Tuesday <------This class is conducted by the poker lecturer. I still have to face him. Help me seriously.

Oh gawd. I have to go London with this mouth of mine. How am I gonna enjoy dinner. The alcohol. Oh the sweet sweet alcohol. I have not been drinking for more than a month. Wow. But anyway. STUPID STUPID ULCER!

It even makes me drink like more than freaking 2litres of water a day. You do know when I drink one glass of ice chinese tea also I go to the toilet 2 times for every cup. Damnit. Imagine 2 litres!!!!!!!! And you know how lazy I am. It's so hard. So very hard.

I need to go get those know when someone is in the hospital kinda thing. And they have that bag thingy. So you dont have to go to the toilet and pee. That kinda thing. I want that.

Ok. I'm super lazy.


Chelle! Can't wait to see you. And you too Annette!

I need to pee. Ok.
Night peeps!

Please pray that my ulcer will be gone by tomorrow when I wake up. HAPPY ME!

Nightie Night!


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