Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is the waffle um. What is this called again? Stand? Right? Is it? I don't remember. Well. Anyway, I couldn't stand it de. Cause of the ESP crappy people. Keep mentioning the bloody waffles on the wall and stuff. WARGH!!! So of cause I feel like having some too. Eeeeeee!

Look! Look!
Look so yummy har.
It is actually.
Just that I get jelak damn fast.

Mine is the chocolate with nuts.
And Elaine's one is the chocolate.

Now. Stupid Brian. Don't call me pandaffle. Idiot. And I still don't like you guys. Cause you all still get to eat those waffles. And I want to eat my chocolate and peanut butter.

Ok. Feeling damn sleepy de. Shall blog more tomorrow or something. Going to Sainsbury tomorrow. ANd I shall buy those cookies that Esther likes too. Hehe! Nightie~

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