Friday, February 27, 2009

The day with Chelle = torture

Stupid chelle. Made me walk like everywhere today lo! Or more like confused me. Lolx.

Woke up around 1pm. Text her to ask what time she coming all. So ya. Here's the whole convo. Ladida~

C: I feel like being a princess today. I shall take take a cab to the station.
A: Wth. Damn a lot of money la now. Babi.
C: ahahahha. Fine fine I walk then! But till the big road up my place only!

I'm like. Wth la. Babi. And so. I was still in my pj's. Talking to Weihua, my mum, mei and stan. ANd I had to still sweep the floor and clean my room before chelle gets here.

C: I'm in de cab de. What a waste of money.

Cause she found out that it was actually quite near her place. Cost her £7 for the cab. Lolx. Can actually walk or something.
So I quickly wash up and everything. Showered, changed.

A: Noooooooo. I havent sweep yet!!!!!
C: Cipatcipatcipet! *wth cipet!* Lol. Or just sweep when i get there.
A: Ok. Maybe I'll do that. Which station you pass de? I'll walk out soon.

I quickly cleaned up my room. Swept my carpet floor. The vacumm not working la! You can actually sweep eh. Lolx. And then wanted to do my laundry too. But my housemate doing. So I waited for like another 10-15minutes. Then f* it. Changed and then got out of the house and rushed to town. I had to meet up Mei Ting too. Cause she was booking this Oxford City trip. And our names weren't there. SO had to meet up with her and get our names down.

So I rushed the whole way. When I just reached the city only...


C: Oit oit. I just passed St albans d.
A: Oh. Still quite far. Backside. I'm already in town. -.-

So I thought. Ok. Can go meet Mei Ting. I was at the other end of town and my uni was at the otehr end. So I walked all the way there. When I was about to reach there. I called her. She said no need to meet up de and she went home de. Cause she settled for us de. -.- Wtf. And I walk there lo.

A: See now! I have to walk around the mall alone! Nvm. I sit in WHS.
C: Go be good girl and read a book. Eh I passed Harpenden d. Heading to Luton Airport I think.

So before she sent me that message. I was already in WHS. Then I thought. No need go there la. SO walked out. Wanted to go somewhere else to wait for her. SHe said that. Bugger. Luton Airport is just one stop away to Luton. Duh*

A: Ok ok. I walk really slow to the station.
C: ahaha. yaa play with animals on the way like a snow white.
A: Haha. Wth! What rubbish wei.
C: Ahaha. Kaykay I reaching!
A: Now I have to walk super fast de you babi!!!

I was still in the mall. Rushing to get there. Make me walk like everywhere only. Here and there. I was practically sweating de. And it was kinda a cold day! Then the whole way she send me rubbish sms. Make me can't walk fast. Cause I have to touch my phone screen or not the song will go on until it ends.

Babi la. Finally got her. Went to have Indian rice. My cheeks were pink de. All cause of her la! Lolx.
After having lunch. Walked back home. The whole way. Where's your house. Where's your house. Lolx.

Got home de. We kinda like settled down and feeling awfully tired de. I pushed my laptop aside cause she brought her Mac. So let her have some space. I wanted to plug in her charger for her. So no need so mafan for her to plug in later.

A: Where's your charger.
Stoned awhile.
C: Oh fuck!!!! I forgot to bring my charger!!!!!!
I also stoned de.

Wtf. Lolx. Damn funny. She brought her laptop. Her phone charger. Her mouse. But no laptop charger. And then. We had to rush out again. To buy one.

Ohemgee. Die la I tell you. Dah la I walk like f* de just now. Now have to walk out again. The shops close around 5 or 6. And it was already 4 something. So. Rush again lo. We walked around the whole mall. Asking for it. Our legs were gonna break de. We were sliding our feet. Haha.

We wanted to go to the market and buy it. But then. It was closed. So we were like. Ok la. Can't get it de. Lets go Tesco and buy some stuff la. Then we were heading home and we just got into a shop to ask. Then they told us about this shop next to the Post Office. I was like. Oh yea hor! I never thought of it. There memang sell all the computer stuff and other electrical stuff. Nice one la for me. -.-

We rushed there. And they were closed de. Damn sad. We saw what was the closing time.
6pm. And it was already 6:10pm. Mch. If we didn't do anything else. Confirm can reach there on time lo!!!!!!!!!!! So. Ya.

Felt even worse. So we went shisha! Hahaha. But the shisha wasn't that great la. After that. Walked around a lil. Showed her the club we're planning to go to tonight. Then walked home.
So bloody tired de.

Stayed home the whole night. Warmed up the spaghetti for her. And then we drank soup too. Around midnight. We went for midnight snack in town. Fried chicken with french fries! Saw some drunkards.

Came home and we became drunkards as well. Lolx. Drank more than half the bottle and slept.

You know what! No one can bloody sleep with Chelle. You know I sleep on a single bed right. Ya. She elbowed me. Kicked me. The kick wasn't as painful as elbowed. Oh oh. She elbowed my eye. Luckily no black eye. And then. The last one. She shoved her ass in my face. -.-"

I pity her bf. The small bitch. But small bitch say she sleep like an angel wor. -.-
I DONT BELIEVE!!!! Ask Annette! She will vouch for me!!!! Lolx.

K. Now need to go get some lunch. Really late lunch. And see what to do today. Will update more~

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