Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm feeling all kind of weird feelings right now. And I hate it so badly. Seriously. I really want to go home. And kill these bloody feelings that I have now. Ish Ish. Back to being emo. Ohz. Emoz me. Lolx.

Emonemo. -.-

Forgot who said that. Kok Lim? Was it? I don't remember.

Can someone come and kill my feelings for me. So I won't know how to feel anymore. Yay!
But no. Ok. Just the feelings that I'm feeling now la ok.

I don't feel like blogging.

I feel empty too.

Hahahahhaha. Oh no. My blog now don't suit my emo mood la! Plus that additional song I added in for fun! Joewin la. Send me that song. Laughed my ass off. And it totally suit the pinkness of my blog. And babi Annette calling me a bimbo. Babiness!

oh ya. I'm supposed to take picture of what Simone sent me! My birthday pressies!!!! But now. Too sleepy and tired de.

After I got back. I had to meet my housemate to pay my rent. And after that. Went for lunch. Then I waited for Elaine. She had a class. One hour class. So I thought I'll wait for her. Then walk back together since I don't have my house keys. So ok.

And not only that. I walked EVERYWHERE WITH MY BAGS!!!!! You know how heavy my laptop is. Argh. Plus my small luggage bag. Their heavy!!!! Aih.

Sleepy. Ok. I think I should sleep de then. Tiredness.


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