Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another day

Sigh~ Work in the afternoon shift was shit. I did a mistake. Damnit. I was handling the place alone. -.-

Nabilla had an appointment with her GP. So I had to handle everything alone. Omg. Damn scary ok. Some more I had to vacuum, mop, clean toilet, and then waitressing. Bugger ah. Some more had to use the till. Thank gawd I actually remember how to operate it. Its not the computer ones. Thank gawd. Or not I die de. But I still had to press this and that first before I can get it to ting*. Ya.

SO of course. In all this madness. I did a mistake. Cause when we send the order in. We put in this tube thing where it will travel down to the kitchen and then you have to ring this bell thing to let them know that there's an order. I think I forgot. But I know I always ring the bell. It's either I forgot or they couldn't hear. So the order of cause came late la. And the customer pissed off. They went off. Damnit.

So ya. And was cooking halfway de. Sigh*

Well. Anyway. After that. Got home around 3.30pm. And rest till 6pm. Nabilla was there. If I had to handle it alone again. I'll die. Lolx. Well anyway. There weren't much customers today. So it wasn't so crazy. It was soo damn relaxing. So we could close early since there weren't much customers. I got off around 10 something.

With Nasi Lemak and Beef Rendang. AND. Roti Canai with Chicken Curry. The Chicken Curry had two HUGE Chicken. And 2 Roti. So one each for me and Chelle. Lolx. I had one piece of the rendang. The rest is for Chelle's dinner tomorrow. Lolx. FREE MALAYSIAN FOOD.

Damn happy la. Lolx.

Feet aching tho. But who cares la. My tummy more important. Lolx.

Well. Another shift tomorrow. Night all!

*I sooooo wanna go shopping!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Fucking awesome!!!!! Yes. You know what I'm talking about!!!



I finally got Chelle to watch it with me. She don't fancy all this kinda movie. I mean. I guess she does. But not as much as normal people do. Hehe. I still <3 you Chelle! Lolx. Anyway. She was so damn lazy to wanna watch it. I begged and begged. Well. Not much begging. More like.

"waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" "I WANNA WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!"

Ya. Lolx. SO she booked it. To give her more motivation to go. Cause she used her card to book. So it was her money. Hahaha. Well. Anyway. After gym. We walked to Marble Arch Odeon. Bugger. I'm not going there anymore. Screen so big. But space so small. You know la. When I sit too close. And some more watching such a big screen. I get red eyes. Once my oh-so-smart friends bought FRONT ROW SEATS. THE FREAKING FIRST ROW OK!!!!!! We had to lean so much in our seat. And we were watching, Resident Evil. And it was freaky scary for me. And we had to sit FRONT ROW. -.- Came out from the cinema. Freaking eyes bloodshot like nobody's business only.

Anyway. Ya. Not going there again.

But the freaking movie is so damn awesome la!!!!! Almost cried when....people who has watched it. You may proceed to the next paragraph. ANd those who hasn't watch it yet and do not want to know what happened do not do so. You may just end here. Lolx. Cause well. I need to sleep la!!!


Anyway. I teared a bit when Optimus Prime dieded. Sob* Even when Sam sorta died too. Sadnyer. Oh. And the part where he asked his parents to run. ZOMG! So the touching. Sigh*


Ok. Gotta go to bed. Oh oh! I wanna watch HARRY POTTER!!! Weeeeee~

Ok. Ok. Gotta sleep. Nightie Night~

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Was late to work. Lolx. But it was fine.

Work was ok. My feet is aching. Oh oh. I was just like standing around. Cause the restaurant just opened like in May or something. So it was new. And not much people knows about it. And there were not much customers.

But then. A bunch of idiots came. Ugh! In my whole entire life. Working. I have NEVER! NEVER! Met stupid idiotic bunch of people. Ugh! They acted as if it was their place or something. Mahai. When they left. I wanted to throw the chairs at them. Sheesh*

ANyway. I shall not waste my energy on that bunch of f*cked up people.

The other person I was working with was this malay girl name Nabilla. She's been here for like 7-8 years. Her mum is here too. So ya. She kept playing with her phone the whole time. When there was nothing to do. So I was like. If there's nothing to do. Is it ok for me to play too? Cause I mean. She was playing also! So I took out my psp. And played!!!!! Weeeeeeeeee~ So nice.

But ya. People came in slowly. So. Was busy busy busy.

Oh. The chef was two malay guy. They were like. "Awak orang Malaysia ah?" "Boleh cakap Melayu?" And so ya...Lolx. ANd there's this other Malay woman who does the dishes and some other small stuff. The owner is Malay guy.

Well. I'm only gonna work 3 times a week. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 12 to 3 pm and then at 6 to 11 pm. And it's near where Chelle lives. So its good. Even though I end late. It's really nearby. >.<


I'm happy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So I got a job at this Malaysian Restaurant called Selera. Gonna work there in 2 hours time. They asked me to wear smart. Black. SO ya. Went out to buy a black button top. 4 pounds! lolx. Then bought black pumps. 4 pounds also! Then I thought about it. I don't want to wear all black. So I'm gonna wear my white ones. Since its gonna die de.

Shall keep my black one for normal days. So ya.

I feel so lazy to go work. Sob*

K. Gonna go gym soon. So ya. Ta~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Joined a gym! weeeeee!

We were at the gym almost the whole day. The people are like thinking. These two chinese girls are mad. Lolx. We went in the afternoon. Swim and got in the jacuzzi as well as the steam room. Aaaaaah! Nice!!!

After we showered. Came home to throw our bags and off to shop me a pair of shoes. I can't wear my superstars to the gym ride! Went to Westfield. Got the bus. Save money. Lolx. Got myself a bikini top. £10 from Pull and Bear. Too bad I can't get the bottom. Just borrow from Chelle. >.<

Went to sports direct to get my shoes. There were ton of shoes. I kept looking at other shoes. Lolx. Then Chelle keep scolding me. Hahahhaha. I can't help it. It's so freaking cheap ok!!! £20 something for a pair of superstar k!!!! Then well. I found my shoes. Adidas Pink ones! Weeee. It was only £16!! So yay! I've got new shoes.

Went to have some ice cream! And then got home by the tube. It was so damn packed. Cause a lot of the lines were not working. So ya. Then changed and went to the gym again. Went for yoga. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I DONT LIKE YOGA!!!! Me and Chelle were suffering like anything while the oldies were like doing it without difficulties. -.-

After the dreadful yoga. We went swimming again! Weee!

Ugh. Super tiring la. Came home. I ate like crazy. Hahahahha. Had fried rice. Kangkung. And mozeralla sticks. Had some chips. I wanted to eat Maggie Mee. But Chelle ran out of Maggie Mee. Thanks to me. >.<

Sorry la. I hungry la ok. Sob* Need to stock up.

Chelle got a call from her mum at night. Asked us to go jogging in the morning. She said ok if we can wake up. You know what time we had to be at the park. 7.30am!!!!!

Me no wake up so early ok!!!!!! Waaaaaaa. So. For the first time ever. After so long. I slept early. Lolx. Oh! And don't know why. Chelle's flat. There were no lights. Only the kitchen. And the lamp. -.-

Luckily we showered in the gym already. So ya. But. I had to shit in the dark. With the door open. sob*

Well. Anyway. Woke up next morning. -.- We were waiting for her mum to call. Cause normally her mum will be the one calling her to wake up and stuff. So she called her mum at 7.25. She was still sleeping. Hahahahhahahhaha. But anyway. We did jog in the end. Walked to her mum's place. Not that far but not near either. It was like 2 - 3 tube stops away. So ya. NIce morning walk. But I was starting to get hungry.

She la. Say after jogging. We go eat nasi lemak. -.- And I was thinking of nasi lemak the whole way. Damnit. Now I still feel like having nasi lemak. -.-

We jogged like one round. Then ok! Makan time. Hahahahhahaha. Then we were looking around for restaurants and her mum said we were jogging for restaurants. Hahaha. Cause since the Malaysian Restaurant tak bukak. So ya. -.-

Now we're home, waiting for the time to pass. Cause Annette coming. She'll be here at 2 something. I feel like sleeping.

Oh oh. After we finish makan. We didn't bring any money. So her mum gave us £2 each for bus. So ok. We went to look for the bus stop. Bugger!!!!! They don't have the ticket box there for us to buy tickets!!!! Cause you're supposed to get your tickets before you get on the bus. If you don't have an oyster card. Buggero ah! So. We had to walk. -.-

Damn tired de la. But then. We cheered up. Cause we decided to go primark to shop with our £4. Lolx. Guess what we bought. Chelle got flip flops for gym. That was £0.98. Then we looked around for more stuff. We got hairbands for £0.98. There were 4 different colours. Pink, white, green and brown. Bling bling! So one for each of us plus Annette. Then we walked around more since we get to spend at least £2. Then we found a Pop-up Bin for laundry. It was £1.96! So.Nice la! We chose a polka dots one. To match the flat. Since her place is like blue and red. The polka dots were blue, red and yellow. And the whole bin was white. Perfect!

Hahahahhaa. So we had £0.08 change. I asked if there's anything we can get for 8p. Hahahhahaha. Well. We got home. And now. Waiting for Annette. Sigh. Another 3 hours more lo. I think I shall shower and sleep. Yes! Hahaha.

We're going for pilates at 7pm later. Woohoo! And more swimming!!!! We got guest passes for Annette. Hehehe!

See ya!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Party~ Clean~

June 11th

What a day. Lolx. Was to go to a BBQ party for us Malaysian and co. to meet up for a last gathering being together in Luton. Well. It was more like, Elaine, Mei Ting, Tian Hao, Melinda, Mo, Wenxi, Jimmy, Vijay, Celine and her friend Samantha. AND ME OF CUS!

Woke up at 4pm. *hehe* The party was at 6pm.
I'm awesome~ Lalalala.

Anyway~ Got up. Then I realised. I GOT NO CLOTHES LA!!! I mean. Not for a party la!!! All my clothes was like in Chelle's place de. Ish. So ya. I just had like. The usual white top. Belt. And shorts. Decided not to wear leggings since it wasn't that cold and wore heels! SO long no wear heels.

Babi Mei Ting! She didn't tell me like after the Bbq party, we'll go back home first before going to Liquid Envy. -.-"


I thought that after the Bbq we'll go straight to Liquid ya know. But NOOOOOOOOOO! My poor poor beautiful awesomely goddesslike feet.

SEE!! SEEE!!!!!
Damn far ok!!!

Well. Ok. It's not that far. If you were just wearing flats or something comfortable you know. But with heels. It was like uphill and downhill. Run across roads. Sob* The pain!!

Well. Anyway. Got there. FOOOOOOD! Hungry wei! But I was a vegetarian for the day.


I hate vegetarian meat, pork, chicken and erm. Vege? Surprisingly. I was bloody full. I really stayed away from the chicken and stuff. Well. Actually, there was only chicken wings. So ya. And I was lazy to eat wings. Gyahahaha. So ya.

And after the Bbq. Went home! -.-" My feet was in pain. PAIN!!!!!

I was wishing that I wore my flip flops to Liquid. But aih. You know the cantonese saying "oi leng hmm oi meng". So anyway. Off to Liquid.


And and. I had to go withdraw moneyh. HAVE TO WALK FURTHER!!! But ya. Finally. We got there. It was quite empty. But oh well.

Guess how much was the entrance fees?

£0.40! Yes. 40p only! That was for before 12am. After that is like 2 or 3.
And drinks before 12 was only £1.20. After is £2. Cheap le!

And you would have guess'd that I would be drunk by the end of the night. But I only had two drinks. Good girl me! *halo hovering over me head* Lolx.

Whole night~ Dance* Dance* Snap* Snap* Drink* Drink* (I totally forgotten me feet was aching)

After awhile. It got really packed and it was so damn stuffy. So we decided to go home. Since we were all really tired too. We said our goodbyes and wishes. Since we won't be together like this again in Luton. So. Ya.

This time. My feet was super aching de. I was crawling home. Pain! Sob*

Got home. Couldn't sleep. Fell asleep at like, 7am?

June 14th

Woke up at 12pm. Straight away got into the shower. Pack. Told Mei Ting and Elaine to get ready. Going for lunch. I had 4 bags!!!! Well. One plastic bag. My laptop. A hand carry. And those pull luggage thingy. But its a small one. So I couldn't fit everything in all these small bags.

They helped me carry. All the way to the shop. Luckily Tian Hao came after work. So he helped with the heavier one. He said that can kill a child. Freaking heavy. The hand carry. I also don't know why. Got to the station. Said bye. And dragged my bags. Sob* Super hard. How I managed it. I have no freaking idea how I did it.

Text chelle. Told her to meet me so she can help me. Or not. I don't how to carry my bags around in the tube and stuff. Ugh. THE STAIRS. CAN KILL!

Lolx. So anyway. Met up with her in front of the station. ANd we went to have McDonalds! Yay! Lolx. Damn long i've not eaten McD's. Normally in Malaysia. It was like, almost everyday. Aih aih!

By the time we got home. We were tired out. But we went out to buy some drinks! And the bloody cashier guy thought I was 13. -.-" Bugger! -.-"

We had to clean up Chelle's place. So she could include me in her small studio. To put my stuff. We spent almost 3 hours cleaning up and organising stuff. And now. It looks like we're selling lotion's and make up. Lolx.

The amount of laundry keeps piling up. Luckily its just one floor down. And it's exercise to run up and down. Weeee! I can lose weight. Lolx.

Well. Anyway. That's what happened. Tomorrow. I'll blog about me going to the wedding Chelle's mum's friend wedding. In Royston, Hertfordshire.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh so lonely~

For example,
as long as someone is by your side even if neither of you speaks,
just having them there makes you happy.
Even if you lose everything,
just stop and look around,
I'm sure there's someone watching over you.
Don't be sad,
Don't lose hope,
Please don't forget

that you're not alone

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I ish on Twitter!!! Woot~ Lolx!

Isn't it cute!!! Lolx. I like the background. wakakakakaka. Now I'm gonna look at plurk. But sho lazy now. One at a time I guess! Lolx.

Follow me!!!

I WANT TO GO BAAAAAACCCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

A.Jane's Wedding

Woke up early in the morning. DIdn't want to miss it of course. We were supposed to meet at the council hall before 2.30pm. Cause they will close the doors at 3pm.

Showered. Ironed. Had to iron babi Chelle's top too. ANd she wasn't even gonna wear there top for that day. Babi! Hehe. Then went out to Paul's to get the strawberry tart. Rushed to Selfidges to get a card and chocolates. We didn't know which one to choose. So we simply grabbed one. ANd ya. WE WERE LATE!

By the time we got on the tube. It was already 2.20pm. How the heck can we go there on time. So I was like. We gotta run. I don't think it's that far off from the station. So ok.
When we got there. It was 2.55pm!!!!!

So of course. WE RAN!!!!! UPHILL!!!! You know how freaking tiring that is! HUh! HUH!!!! UPHILL YOU KNOW!!!!! We weren't even sure where's the council hall or whatever. But I just followed the directions and tembak one of the building. We thought that AUnty Jane already went in the room. Since it was so late already. Then we saw AUnty Jane coming out of the building to greet us. And we were out of breath.

And you know what. WE ONLY WENT IN THE ROOM AROUND 3.30pm. -.-"
We ran for nuts. My hair was flying all over. Ish. Ish.

So well. Aunty Jane and Uncle Bill had to go in first. Then Uncle Bill came out to call us in. I snapped loads of pictures. Aunty Jane was shaking like anything. Cause she was nervous. Lolx. Funny. Funny.

One of Uncle Bill's friend said out loud. Who is more nervous. Please put your hands up. Staright away Both their hands were up. At the same time. Lolx.

Nice nice?
Look at the difference of the ring size. Lolx.

I forgot what was happening here

Here too.

Ah. Now they are gonna say their vows.

Aunty Jane is about to cry.

Here too

Trying her best not to cry.

Took some pictures outside.
This was all of them who came.

Halfway talking. Deciding where we heading next.

Now they stopped talking and pose for me.

After that. We went off to Wetherspoons for food and drinks! We just had to walk down to get there. It was fun. We made Aunty Jane and Uncle Bill down a shot of Apple Sourz. Lolx. And Uncle Bill had like. Omg. More than 6-8 pints of Guiness. I forgot how many. It keeps coming and coming. Before he finished one. A new one was there for him. My gawd. Lolx.

Oh. I ate a huge burger. Hehe. You can see the picture in facebook. I'm awesome la. I could fit that huge thing in my mouth. Woohoo! After our food. Me and Chelle shared a bottle of Magners. Cause we were toooo full to have anything more than that.

Had some laughs here and there. Funny people. So ya. Had fun!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Remember how in school we do a little acting here and there. For some kind of performance. Like children's day and such. Or maybe something small in class. Well. I remembered one in primary school. When I was 10. That was in standard 4. Our Moral teacher assigned us to do some small play acting for one of the moral values that we were learning at that time. So we had play it out.

I forgot what was the moral value that we were doing. Hehehe. But all I remembered was that I was the one who created the play or something. I think. But oh well. We didn't plan it all that well. I just said. Ok. You, you and you. Can be the 'naughty' students. You are their teacher. And I'm the principal. Lolx.

I know my group was more than it should be. But. What the heck.

Anyway. I think the story went like this. The teacher, was like teaching in class. But the students weren't listening. Playing around. Throwing rubbish at the teacher. The usual stuff. Or something like that. Then I, the principal, lolx, was walking along the classes like inspecting or something then I came into the class. Scolding the students. Hahahahahahaha.

You know last in school. There's this big huge ruler to draw on the board. I took that ruler. And banged it on the table. In front of the students. Hahahahahaha. And I didn't know my own strength. It was a bit too loud. And they SERIOUSLY got scared. Hahahahahahahaha. I was trying not to laugh. ANd my friends too. Then I started scolding them. Asking them to pick up the rubbish. Said sorry to the teacher. ANd you know what. I used the ruler to give them punishment. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I whacked their hands.

Well. My performance as the principal was surprisingly good. Cause I really scared them with the bang and my scolding. *imitating my mummy. HAHAHAHA* They were actually really scared. Later on, they told me that they didn't know I was gonna hit the table so hard. I think the ruler split open a lil abit. *oopsie* Hahahahha. And that when I whacked them, it was painful. I was like. Shit. I'm so so so so so so sorry. I didn't know my own strength. Hahahahha.

But guess what. Our group won!!! I was the best actress. Hahahahhahaha. We won chocolates. Or something. So all of us shared. I think I still remember who was in the play. I think, Emylee was in there and also Luanne. Ya. I think so. Hahhahahhaha. Damn man. Super funny la.

Oh well. Just wanted to share it with you guys. >.<

I might blog another one tomorrow or something. Tee-hee.

Will be going to London tomorrow. My bag is super heavy. ANd I'm too lazy to take out some of my clothes. That's just um..3/4 of my wardrobe. I DON'T HAVE MUCH! I don't know how am I gonna lug it around London. Damn. Oh well. Just have to go through with it. Ish Ish!

Ok. Off to bed now. Gotta be at the train station by Ten, says 'mummy' Mei Ting. Hahahahha.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I know I'm supposed to continue my Euro trip blog. But I'm too lazy. and I feel like it was too long ago to remember too. So ya. Hehe. Well anyway. I'm about to finish uploading my Paris pictures. Including the ones in Disneyland. It's quite mixed up. A lil. But ya.

And there's like something wrong with the stupid uploader thing. It pisses me off. Ish ish.

There's nothing much to do for the next few days. Just need to pack some of my stuff to bring over to Chelle's place. Will be staying with her over the summer and look for summer jobs. Argh. SO bloody lazy. But I have to. I WANT EXTRA MONEY! LV!!! Hahahaha.

Then wait for graduation to come. It'll be on Mei's Birthday!!! Weeee! Hahaha. ANd guess what. My results will be out the week before grad. -.-
So now I don't know if I'm gonna grad yet or not. Sigh*

Oh. I've been not liking this bitch for the past..well..ever since I know her. Seriously. Me and my friends used to back stab and being two face in front of each other. I thought we were bad enough. But this bitch. Ugh. She seriously disgust me. And I really think she doesn't have close friends. And doesn't understand the meaning of it. Ugh. Can't stand her. Can't believe the things she has done. Just ask me. I'll tell you all about it. I'm afraid she reads my blog. So. Ya. >.< I've already blocked her. And I sooo feel like deleting her off my facebook. But oh well. I will. Next time. Lalalalala~ So do not want to have her as a friend. Wait. I don't even consider her as a friend in the first place. Fcked up bitch.

Ok. Ok. No negative energy. Lalalalallaa.

I'm happy! Hahaha.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Holiday!!! La la la! Holiday!!! Weeeeeeee~

I'm on holiday already!!!! Waaaaaa! Such happiness.
But I still have to hand in my assignment tomorrow. But then. I've already done it. So. I'M ON HOLIDAY!!!!!

But but. I have to look for job now. DAMNIT!!!! WHY CAN'T I HAVE MY HOLIDAYS LONGER!


Such a sad thing. Straight after studies I gotta look for jobs de. Argh. RUBBISHNESS!
Oh well. Gotta have bloody loadsa fun now. Lalalalalalala.

Happy* Happy*

My poo poo's!! Let's go DRINKING!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ London! London! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Drink till we're bloody pissed drunk!!!! Hahahahahha.