Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another day

Sigh~ Work in the afternoon shift was shit. I did a mistake. Damnit. I was handling the place alone. -.-

Nabilla had an appointment with her GP. So I had to handle everything alone. Omg. Damn scary ok. Some more I had to vacuum, mop, clean toilet, and then waitressing. Bugger ah. Some more had to use the till. Thank gawd I actually remember how to operate it. Its not the computer ones. Thank gawd. Or not I die de. But I still had to press this and that first before I can get it to ting*. Ya.

SO of course. In all this madness. I did a mistake. Cause when we send the order in. We put in this tube thing where it will travel down to the kitchen and then you have to ring this bell thing to let them know that there's an order. I think I forgot. But I know I always ring the bell. It's either I forgot or they couldn't hear. So the order of cause came late la. And the customer pissed off. They went off. Damnit.

So ya. And was cooking halfway de. Sigh*

Well. Anyway. After that. Got home around 3.30pm. And rest till 6pm. Nabilla was there. If I had to handle it alone again. I'll die. Lolx. Well anyway. There weren't much customers today. So it wasn't so crazy. It was soo damn relaxing. So we could close early since there weren't much customers. I got off around 10 something.

With Nasi Lemak and Beef Rendang. AND. Roti Canai with Chicken Curry. The Chicken Curry had two HUGE Chicken. And 2 Roti. So one each for me and Chelle. Lolx. I had one piece of the rendang. The rest is for Chelle's dinner tomorrow. Lolx. FREE MALAYSIAN FOOD.

Damn happy la. Lolx.

Feet aching tho. But who cares la. My tummy more important. Lolx.

Well. Another shift tomorrow. Night all!

*I sooooo wanna go shopping!!!!!

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