Sunday, June 7, 2009

A.Jane's Wedding

Woke up early in the morning. DIdn't want to miss it of course. We were supposed to meet at the council hall before 2.30pm. Cause they will close the doors at 3pm.

Showered. Ironed. Had to iron babi Chelle's top too. ANd she wasn't even gonna wear there top for that day. Babi! Hehe. Then went out to Paul's to get the strawberry tart. Rushed to Selfidges to get a card and chocolates. We didn't know which one to choose. So we simply grabbed one. ANd ya. WE WERE LATE!

By the time we got on the tube. It was already 2.20pm. How the heck can we go there on time. So I was like. We gotta run. I don't think it's that far off from the station. So ok.
When we got there. It was 2.55pm!!!!!

So of course. WE RAN!!!!! UPHILL!!!! You know how freaking tiring that is! HUh! HUH!!!! UPHILL YOU KNOW!!!!! We weren't even sure where's the council hall or whatever. But I just followed the directions and tembak one of the building. We thought that AUnty Jane already went in the room. Since it was so late already. Then we saw AUnty Jane coming out of the building to greet us. And we were out of breath.

And you know what. WE ONLY WENT IN THE ROOM AROUND 3.30pm. -.-"
We ran for nuts. My hair was flying all over. Ish. Ish.

So well. Aunty Jane and Uncle Bill had to go in first. Then Uncle Bill came out to call us in. I snapped loads of pictures. Aunty Jane was shaking like anything. Cause she was nervous. Lolx. Funny. Funny.

One of Uncle Bill's friend said out loud. Who is more nervous. Please put your hands up. Staright away Both their hands were up. At the same time. Lolx.

Nice nice?
Look at the difference of the ring size. Lolx.

I forgot what was happening here

Here too.

Ah. Now they are gonna say their vows.

Aunty Jane is about to cry.

Here too

Trying her best not to cry.

Took some pictures outside.
This was all of them who came.

Halfway talking. Deciding where we heading next.

Now they stopped talking and pose for me.

After that. We went off to Wetherspoons for food and drinks! We just had to walk down to get there. It was fun. We made Aunty Jane and Uncle Bill down a shot of Apple Sourz. Lolx. And Uncle Bill had like. Omg. More than 6-8 pints of Guiness. I forgot how many. It keeps coming and coming. Before he finished one. A new one was there for him. My gawd. Lolx.

Oh. I ate a huge burger. Hehe. You can see the picture in facebook. I'm awesome la. I could fit that huge thing in my mouth. Woohoo! After our food. Me and Chelle shared a bottle of Magners. Cause we were toooo full to have anything more than that.

Had some laughs here and there. Funny people. So ya. Had fun!

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