Thursday, June 25, 2009


Was late to work. Lolx. But it was fine.

Work was ok. My feet is aching. Oh oh. I was just like standing around. Cause the restaurant just opened like in May or something. So it was new. And not much people knows about it. And there were not much customers.

But then. A bunch of idiots came. Ugh! In my whole entire life. Working. I have NEVER! NEVER! Met stupid idiotic bunch of people. Ugh! They acted as if it was their place or something. Mahai. When they left. I wanted to throw the chairs at them. Sheesh*

ANyway. I shall not waste my energy on that bunch of f*cked up people.

The other person I was working with was this malay girl name Nabilla. She's been here for like 7-8 years. Her mum is here too. So ya. She kept playing with her phone the whole time. When there was nothing to do. So I was like. If there's nothing to do. Is it ok for me to play too? Cause I mean. She was playing also! So I took out my psp. And played!!!!! Weeeeeeeeee~ So nice.

But ya. People came in slowly. So. Was busy busy busy.

Oh. The chef was two malay guy. They were like. "Awak orang Malaysia ah?" "Boleh cakap Melayu?" And so ya...Lolx. ANd there's this other Malay woman who does the dishes and some other small stuff. The owner is Malay guy.

Well. I'm only gonna work 3 times a week. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 12 to 3 pm and then at 6 to 11 pm. And it's near where Chelle lives. So its good. Even though I end late. It's really nearby. >.<


I'm happy.

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