Friday, June 26, 2009


Fucking awesome!!!!! Yes. You know what I'm talking about!!!



I finally got Chelle to watch it with me. She don't fancy all this kinda movie. I mean. I guess she does. But not as much as normal people do. Hehe. I still <3 you Chelle! Lolx. Anyway. She was so damn lazy to wanna watch it. I begged and begged. Well. Not much begging. More like.

"waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" "I WANNA WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!"

Ya. Lolx. SO she booked it. To give her more motivation to go. Cause she used her card to book. So it was her money. Hahaha. Well. Anyway. After gym. We walked to Marble Arch Odeon. Bugger. I'm not going there anymore. Screen so big. But space so small. You know la. When I sit too close. And some more watching such a big screen. I get red eyes. Once my oh-so-smart friends bought FRONT ROW SEATS. THE FREAKING FIRST ROW OK!!!!!! We had to lean so much in our seat. And we were watching, Resident Evil. And it was freaky scary for me. And we had to sit FRONT ROW. -.- Came out from the cinema. Freaking eyes bloodshot like nobody's business only.

Anyway. Ya. Not going there again.

But the freaking movie is so damn awesome la!!!!! Almost cried when....people who has watched it. You may proceed to the next paragraph. ANd those who hasn't watch it yet and do not want to know what happened do not do so. You may just end here. Lolx. Cause well. I need to sleep la!!!


Anyway. I teared a bit when Optimus Prime dieded. Sob* Even when Sam sorta died too. Sadnyer. Oh. And the part where he asked his parents to run. ZOMG! So the touching. Sigh*


Ok. Gotta go to bed. Oh oh! I wanna watch HARRY POTTER!!! Weeeeee~

Ok. Ok. Gotta sleep. Nightie Night~

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