Saturday, June 13, 2009

Party~ Clean~

June 11th

What a day. Lolx. Was to go to a BBQ party for us Malaysian and co. to meet up for a last gathering being together in Luton. Well. It was more like, Elaine, Mei Ting, Tian Hao, Melinda, Mo, Wenxi, Jimmy, Vijay, Celine and her friend Samantha. AND ME OF CUS!

Woke up at 4pm. *hehe* The party was at 6pm.
I'm awesome~ Lalalala.

Anyway~ Got up. Then I realised. I GOT NO CLOTHES LA!!! I mean. Not for a party la!!! All my clothes was like in Chelle's place de. Ish. So ya. I just had like. The usual white top. Belt. And shorts. Decided not to wear leggings since it wasn't that cold and wore heels! SO long no wear heels.

Babi Mei Ting! She didn't tell me like after the Bbq party, we'll go back home first before going to Liquid Envy. -.-"


I thought that after the Bbq we'll go straight to Liquid ya know. But NOOOOOOOOOO! My poor poor beautiful awesomely goddesslike feet.

SEE!! SEEE!!!!!
Damn far ok!!!

Well. Ok. It's not that far. If you were just wearing flats or something comfortable you know. But with heels. It was like uphill and downhill. Run across roads. Sob* The pain!!

Well. Anyway. Got there. FOOOOOOD! Hungry wei! But I was a vegetarian for the day.


I hate vegetarian meat, pork, chicken and erm. Vege? Surprisingly. I was bloody full. I really stayed away from the chicken and stuff. Well. Actually, there was only chicken wings. So ya. And I was lazy to eat wings. Gyahahaha. So ya.

And after the Bbq. Went home! -.-" My feet was in pain. PAIN!!!!!

I was wishing that I wore my flip flops to Liquid. But aih. You know the cantonese saying "oi leng hmm oi meng". So anyway. Off to Liquid.


And and. I had to go withdraw moneyh. HAVE TO WALK FURTHER!!! But ya. Finally. We got there. It was quite empty. But oh well.

Guess how much was the entrance fees?

£0.40! Yes. 40p only! That was for before 12am. After that is like 2 or 3.
And drinks before 12 was only £1.20. After is £2. Cheap le!

And you would have guess'd that I would be drunk by the end of the night. But I only had two drinks. Good girl me! *halo hovering over me head* Lolx.

Whole night~ Dance* Dance* Snap* Snap* Drink* Drink* (I totally forgotten me feet was aching)

After awhile. It got really packed and it was so damn stuffy. So we decided to go home. Since we were all really tired too. We said our goodbyes and wishes. Since we won't be together like this again in Luton. So. Ya.

This time. My feet was super aching de. I was crawling home. Pain! Sob*

Got home. Couldn't sleep. Fell asleep at like, 7am?

June 14th

Woke up at 12pm. Straight away got into the shower. Pack. Told Mei Ting and Elaine to get ready. Going for lunch. I had 4 bags!!!! Well. One plastic bag. My laptop. A hand carry. And those pull luggage thingy. But its a small one. So I couldn't fit everything in all these small bags.

They helped me carry. All the way to the shop. Luckily Tian Hao came after work. So he helped with the heavier one. He said that can kill a child. Freaking heavy. The hand carry. I also don't know why. Got to the station. Said bye. And dragged my bags. Sob* Super hard. How I managed it. I have no freaking idea how I did it.

Text chelle. Told her to meet me so she can help me. Or not. I don't how to carry my bags around in the tube and stuff. Ugh. THE STAIRS. CAN KILL!

Lolx. So anyway. Met up with her in front of the station. ANd we went to have McDonalds! Yay! Lolx. Damn long i've not eaten McD's. Normally in Malaysia. It was like, almost everyday. Aih aih!

By the time we got home. We were tired out. But we went out to buy some drinks! And the bloody cashier guy thought I was 13. -.-" Bugger! -.-"

We had to clean up Chelle's place. So she could include me in her small studio. To put my stuff. We spent almost 3 hours cleaning up and organising stuff. And now. It looks like we're selling lotion's and make up. Lolx.

The amount of laundry keeps piling up. Luckily its just one floor down. And it's exercise to run up and down. Weeee! I can lose weight. Lolx.

Well. Anyway. That's what happened. Tomorrow. I'll blog about me going to the wedding Chelle's mum's friend wedding. In Royston, Hertfordshire.


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