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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Birthday~

My 23rd Birthday. One of the best~ Pictures are up on Facebook. Too lazy to upload it here. Tho I will upload one or two. Like me birthday pressie~

Boyfriend didn't want to tell me where we were having dinner for my birthday. So fine. I just let it be. But I know it was going to be Japanese. So. Got ready early. Waited for him to come home. He had to go ta work that day. Some meeting. He came. And I was like. WHERE'S MY PRESENT!!! Hahaha. He didn't want to give it to me yet. So I thought. Ok. Maybe after the dinner. Weee~

He was telling me all about it de. Like describing the place and who owns it and stuff like that. I was like. Ok. He actually showed me the menu the day before. Pricey! For me. Reached KL. The restaurant look soooo preeeeettty! Wish we got there earlier and if it wasn't raining. We could have taken pictures of the place. SIgh*

Walking in felt so um. Hmmm. Can't find the word. Well. Anyway. We got our table. Didn't really like where it was placed. Cause it was like right in the middle of the restaurant. Plus. If that babi boyfriend of mine plans to do something stupid. It would be freaking embarrassing. I don't like all those stuff. Like you know. If my boyfriend plans to propose to me. I don't want some big thing like in front of the whole restaurant or my family or whatever. I just like a nice, sweet thing, just the two of us. Kinda thing. But anyway.

I didn't know what to decide on. There were soooo many things I wanted to eat. And I so want my Toro!!!!! But it's so freaking expensive and didn't dare to ask how much it was for one piece. One freaking piece can be at least RM50! FOR ONE FREAKING PIECE OF IT! Sob* But anyway. We went with the usual order of Salmon Sashimi. Wait. Let me get the pictures. K. I know you might have seen it on Facebook. But hey. This is like my diary. So I would like to have it in order or something. You know.


This was our Appetizer.

Absolutely yummy Salmon!

Rainbow Maki.
(Sorry the pictures looked so bad. I'm no pro photographer)

Yummy soup which I forgot what was it called de.
Sorryla. I damn forgetful k!
But anyway. I love the whole thing.
You get to pour it into this small lil cups.
Where you just slurp your soup like that.
Absolute kawaiiness~

Pregnant Ice Fish.
Or Shishamo?

Stan's main dish.
He was like. Omg. This damn nice. It's as if it melts in your mouth.
I thought he was playing with me or something.
But when I tried it.

My absolutely huge Zaru Soba.
I was forcing myself to finish it.
Surprisingly. I couldn't.

And see. What did I say about embarrassing me.
But I love the flowers!

And I love my pressie even more!!!
Love you bie!

Enjoying his TenDon.
Cause "something" happened.
Which I won't mention.
And so they replaced his Unajyu with this.

Our dessert!!!
Melon Ice Cream with Strawberries!
So yummy!!!

Totally enjoyed my whole evening with him. One of my BEST Birthday celebration ever. I mean. I like the after party too. Lolx. Just drinks with my lovelies at Brussels. Had fun still. Not some drunk night out. Had so much fun!

Thanks guys!
And a HUGE Thank You to my dearest boyfriend, Stanley Davis~
For making it a really special night.

Love ya'll!

P.S. Sorry for the really late post. hehe.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


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